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Gaming Chair Sale

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Gaming Chair Sale

Searching for the best gaming chair? Look no further than Lenovo. A quality computer gaming chair keeps your focus on the game rather than comfort. And during our ongoing gaming chair sale, you'll find deeply-discounted models.

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Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are the best way to sit and game whether you are at your desk or you are in your living room. Because of their construction they promote correct posture and take the burden of sitting off of your spine and onto the back of the chair. With the lumbar support cushion you can lean back and take a break quickly and reduce the stress on your lower back. Gaming chairs also can lean all the way back into a laying position to further help reduce the stress on the spine and other areas of the body.

Gaming chairs also promote leaning back to reduce the stress on your arms. Some office chairs do not promote leaning back and when you need a break you are stuck leaning on one arm or the other. A gaming chair won’t fit every need and isn’t the best for every person, but if you are sitting for a long time and gaming then they are going to check all the boxes for you.

Why a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs have become all the rage for everyone from professional gamers and twitch streamers to people who work from home in an office setting. Because of their construction and comfort they are the chair of choice for a lot of people.

A lot of people, professionals and gamers, sit for long periods of time. They need the comfort that is going to come from a gaming chair. They don’t want to get up from the long hours spent sitting down and feel it in their lower back and hips and arms. They want to get up and feel like the chair took some of the burden away from them.

Office chairs can help with posture as well but don’t have all of the benefits necessary to make sitting for long periods of time comfortable. Because office chairs do not have a feature that allows you to lean back easily when you want to reduce the strain on your hips from sitting you have to lean over on one arm or the other. This can cause more discomfort as now your arm is taking the brunt of your weight.

Gaming chairs have feature that benefit everyone that sits for long periods of time can use. The lower back support from the lumbar cushion that is removable if you feel like the cushion takes away too much space from the seat. Gaming chairs also have an adjustable and removable headrest cushion that lets you rest your head without adding undo stress to your neck.

The best feature that gaming chairs offers is the ability to lean back. Sitting for long periods of time can get tiring and you will need a break instead of putting your weight on your arms or legs you can lean back in the gaming chair and go all the way back into a laying down position. This takes pressure off your hips and spine and puts it all directly onto the back of the chair. Not only will laying down help your neck, back, and hips but can help rejuvenate you in the middle if the day when you just want to lay down and relax a little.

Gaming chairs also have a great lifespan. Lasting 2-5 years depending on the frequency of use the average time that most people switch out their gaming chairs is about three years. This means you are getting a great investment for the money you are putting in. No one wants to spend money on something they are going to have to turn around and replace the next day and you won’t have to have worry about that when it comes to gaming chairs. They use the best quality materials in their construction

Which Gaming Chair is the Best?

Finding the best gaming chair can be a bit of a task. Lenovo offers two brands that can fit into every need you have. Lenovo offers the Realspace and AKRacing brands and they both offer all the benefits of a gaming chair while fitting into different styles and lifestyles.

When it comes to choosing a gaming chair, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first is what type of game you will be playing. If you are someone who spends a lot of time playing first-person shooters, then you will want a chair that provides good back support and keeps your head and neck in line with the rest of your spine. For people who play more strategy-based games or spend a lot of time sitting at their desk, a chair with arm rests and adjustable back support will be more comfortable.

The next thing to consider is the size of the chair. You want to make sure that the chair is big enough to comfortably support your weight, but not so big that it takes up too much space in your room. You should also make sure that the height of the chair is adjustable so that you can find a position that is comfortable for you.

Finally, you need to decide what kind of budget you have for a gaming chair. There are a wide range of prices on chairs, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs without breaking the bank. Just remember that cheaper chairs might not have all the features that you want.


Realspace chairs give you everything you want from a gaming chair while still giving you the look of a regular ergonomic office chair. They have the colors and cushion style of gaming chairs and promote good posture as well as leaning back but instead of having the racing chair style with the high back and the headrest pillow.

Realspace gives you the best of both worlds in the gaming chair world. You can check them out and see how they can fit into your lifestyle.


On the other end AKRacing gives you the racing chair/bucket seat style that most people immediate think of when they are told about a gaming chair. They give you the alternating colors of red and black or white and black while giving you the lumbar cushion for the lower back support needed to get through long gaming sessions and the ability to lean back when you need a break and take the strain off your hips and spine.

AKRacing gives you the best racing style gaming chair on the market without breaking the bank while giving you all the benefits you need.

A Good Monitor Goes a Long Way

Monitors bring you into the game. Your visuals go a long way to determine your immersion level and how you will react in game. If you are losing frames then you aren’t seeing everything around you and that won’t be good if you are playing single player or if you are gaming online with a group of friends. Having the right visuals can help out a lot.

Lenovo offers the best gaming monitors. With the Lenovo brand of gaming monitors Legion and with the Lenovo brand name on gaming monitors we offer everything from G sync to high refresh rates to 1ms. Whatever your gaming monitor needs are Lenovo can help you find the right monitor for that need.

Rounding out your Gaming Set up with the best sound

Having a comfortable chair is not the only thing you need to be able to sit and game for long periods of time. Making sure you aren’t distracted while you game is another big thing. There are some gamers that are going to go the more traditional route of grabbing a smaller TV and use that as their monitor and sound output or they more go with getting speakers to give them their sound but the best way to really enjoy a game and get fully immersed into the action is a gaming headset.

With a noise canceling headset you will be in the action, hearing the call outs from your teammates, all the environmental sounds in the game, and not worried if the sound you heard was from the game or from your refrigerator. The sound will be delivered directly to you and because of the noise canceling nature of your headset you will know everything that is going on.

Make your set up yours with all the best gaming accessories

Accessories can add a lot to your gaming set up. A headset and mic give you the best audio and communication ability and a monitor can give you the best visuals but don’t make your set up truly yours. By grabbing a keyboard or mouse you can show your personality with their styles. By checking out all of the accessories that Lenovo has to offer you can make your set up reflect who you are and make sure your games are protected on the go with carrying cases. You can even purchase your games here to get everything you need all in one place instead of navigating to different sites and applications that can take out a lot of time out of your day and can have you losing track of what you have and where.

Lenovo.com offers you all the accessories you could possibly need to have your set up be the absolute best it can be and keep you on top of your game with headsets, mics, monitors, and everything else. The accessories page can also keep you loaded with the best and most recent games on the market so you can always be playing the newest release on you gaming PC.

Gaming can be Green

When the time comes to replace your gaming chair or any of the other pieces of your gaming set up you can look to Lenovo to make upgrading easy and affordable. With the Trade In program, you can trade in any electronics that meet the qualifications and you will receive a VISA gift card that you can use anywhere, but if you are trading in an electronic why not use it where you are and upgrade to a new part or device? The Trade in program helps you save money while saving the planet from more technology waste.

When you purchase a new product from Lenovo you can be sure that it was made with the environment in mind. We use sustainable and recycled materials in our products and packaging so that you can feel good about your purchase.

You can also help the environment by using your gaming skills to do good! Many gamers are using their powers for good by playing games that plant trees or clean up virtual oceans. You can also join streams and charity events to help support various causes. Some of the most popular environmental charities that you can support are: Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and World Wildlife Fund.

So, there are lots of ways that you as a gamer can help make the world a little bit greener!

Gaming Chairs Complete Your Set up

Whether you are a professional gamer, streamer, or just someone looking for comfort through long hours of sitting gaming chairs can fill that need. With their high quality materials making them last for years and all of their features that reduce fatigue and muscle strain while keeping you correct posture they help you sit through a long gaming session or a long work day without ever feeling like you are too tired from sitting and supporting yourself with the incorrect muscles all day.

Lenovo offers a great selection of gaming chairs for you to choose from and find the best gaming chair for you along with all the other accessories available at Lenovo.com.

Get Rewards for Your Games

By using the MyLenovo Rewards program you can get rewards for your every purchase. Your purchase of a gaming chair, a gaming monitor, or any other accessories will qualify to earn you points. With these accumulated points to use on other purchases from Lenovo.com to get a percentage off. Additionally, you can combine with any other discounts that are available on the site, with some exclusions applying to clearance items.

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