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Lenovo representative showing a data center server to a customer

Advisory and Professional Services

Free your team from the hassle of operating inefficient infrastructure and evolve to future-proof IT; by leveraging our expert professionals.

Untangle the complexity of ever-changing IT trends by harnessing the full spectrum of technology expertise from Lenovo Professional Services. From breaking down complex business processes to implementation, Lenovo’s experts ensure your systems are ready to meet your business goals and needs.

The path to future-ready IT starts here

Wherever you are, Lenovo Professional Services Team will guide you from there, to where you want to be. Kickstart your IT by leveraging in-depth expertise and industry best practices with our Professional Services consultancy.

Proper planning and design are essential. Whether adopting a cloud strategy, driving new DevOps practices, or implementing new AI solutions or HPC technology. Together we’ll assess your business's components and processes, see how they integrate, make improvements, and bring everything together into a detailed project plan that mitigates risk with minimal to no disruption to your business.

Running a company can be lonely, and leaders often have to make vital decisions with imperfect information. The best safety net is the advice and expertise of industry leaders to give you peace of mind. And IT systems that are ready for anything.

Professional Services expertise expands throughout the following areas:

  • Hybrid Cloud

  • Data & Analytics

  • HPC & Data Center Cooling

  • Virtualization & VDI


Let’s assess your business's components and processes, see how they integrate, make improvements, and bring everything together to kickstart your IT. Discover the full Lenovo technology lifecycle services spectrum.


Insightful workshops with our team of Strategic Advisors. We are experts on:

  • VDI Workshop

  • VMWare Cloud Foundation Workshop

  • Best Practices Workshop


Assessment & Design

Our consultants design the optimum solution for your business. We are experts on:

  • Cloud Assessment Workshop

  • Hybrid Cloud Automation Workshop

  • Power and Cooling Assessment

  • Hybrid Cloud Optimization & Compliance Workshop



Trust our Professional Services Team to assist you at every step. We are experts on:

  • ThinkSystem Deployment & Migration

  • SAP ECC to SAP S/4 HANA Migration

  • High Performance Computing Deployment

  • HPC Sys Admin

  • Microsoft Azure VM Migration



Run a more scalable, agile IT operation with our expert services. Optimization makes all the difference. We are experts on:

  • Nutanix Cluster Health Check

  • SAP HANA Health Check

  • ThinkAgile Health Check

  • High Performance Computing Health Check


Customer success stories

Hero MotoCorp customer story

Hero MotoCorp

How Lenovo helped Hero MotoCorp eliminate downtime to bring their products and the socio-economic enablement that comes with them to more and more people around the world.
Endeavour Foundation customer story

Endeavour Foundation

How Lenovo helped Endeavour Foundation’s IT staff deploy a hyperconverged infrastructure to reliably deliver the system availability and performance the non-profit required to fulfill its mission.
FNCB Bank customer story


How Lenovo helped FNCB Bank deploy a high-performance, future-ready hyperconverged infrastructure, creating a solid foundation for next-generation digital banking services.


Hybrid Cloud Services

Solution Brief

Lenovo Hybrid Cloud Services

Get innovation, rapid deployment, and market responsive solutions that work with your existing IT. Lenovo Hybrid Cloud allows organizations to customize resource allocation while maintaining vital control and security.
Data storage services

Solution Brief

Lenovo Professional Services for SAP HANA Hardware

Lenovo SAP-certified service technologists ensure your SAP HANA or SAP BWA infrastructure are on point. Avoid downtime, lost revenue and poor customer experience by leveraging the right expertise to deploy, check and manage your solution.
Lenovo Open Cloud Automation

Solution Flyer

Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-a)

Imagine a single interface to automate planning, deployment, and lifecycle management of physical and virtual infrastructure. Lenovo Open Cloud makes it easy to host applications in the data center and at multiple edge sites.
Lenovo Professonal Services Tokens

Solution Brief

Lenovo Professional Services Tokens

Even when it’s the right move, change can be tricky. Professional Services Tokens grant access to a comprehensive menu of knowledge, workshops, and specialized teams to help your business stay agile. All at your convenience.

Planning your next IT project?

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