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Yoga Smart Tab

The Yoga Smart Tab is unique because it functions as an ideal home and away device. It features a dock that can convert the tablet into a smart home hub, which is the first of its kind.

Equipped with the Google Assistant, this tablet expands on the original kickstand design found on the Yoga Tab 3. It gives you four ways to use your tablet, so you can be sure that it will be comfortable no matter where you are.

Want to use it sitting down? Standing? Or perhaps while you are reclining or lying in bed? The Yoga Smart Tab multimode design allows you to leverage the kickstand for any position. You can tilt the tablet, hang it, or even stand it up so you can be productive regardless of where you are.

Not only is this tablet extremely functional but it also demonstrates Lenovo's refined craftsmanship. It is built with iron-grey aluminum and has a soft-touch color finish on the back – leaving you with an elegant and sleek tablet.

Flexible and Lightweight

Because the Yoga Smart Tab can operate in four modes without sacrificing any functionality, it is the perfect tech for a student on the go. It is lightweight and compact too. It weighs in at just 1.28 lbs, with dimensions of 9.5” x 6.5” x 0.3-0.9”. That means you can comfortably bring it along to class, on a long bus ride, and anywhere else where you want to be connected and productive. You won’t even notice it’s in your backpack or tote.

Don’t let the small size of the Yoga Smart Tab fool you, though – this is one powerful tablet!

‘Hey Google, Open Netflix’

The wait is over – there is finally a tablet that also functions as a smart home assistant! This is what makes the Yoga Smart Tab one of the best tablets for students.

It features the Google Assistant so that you can make lists, set timers, and even message your friends with just your voice. When the tablet is idle, all you need to do is open the kickstand. This will unlock Google Assistant’s Ambient mode, which enables the smart home features to function even when the device is not running.

Just simply place the Yoga Smart Tab on its kickstand anywhere in your home or dorm room, and you now have a smart hub that can be controlled with your voice and provides visual feedback.

So, when you are done watching your online lecture or completing your homework, lean back in your chair and use the 360-degree far-field voice recognition that recognizes your voice from across the room – to start your favorite playlist. The next time you need to make a dinner reservation or set a reminder, just ask Google to do it!

Entertainment Features that Wow

The Yoga Smart Tab features a 10.1’ FHD IPS display that allows you to experience vibrant and crisp visuals from any angle! Other innovative features, like the in-cell TDDI technologies, allow you to immerse yourself even further into your content and enhances touch interactivity.

You may be thinking, isn’t staring at a tablet for hours on end bad for students? These smart tablets address this issue by reducing the harmful blue light that can damage your vision and cause eye strain.

The entertainment features are perfect for the budding content creator too, with a front 8MP autofocus camera and a rear 5MP fixed-focus option. The tablet also includes three digital microphones, so you can create clear and crisp audio.

Students can leverage the camera and microphones for their online classes too. They can interact during zoom meetings, participate in discussions, deliver presentations, and even chat with their friends. The screen clarity and vibrant colors will not disappoint.

Powerful Speakers and Audio Features

Let’s review another reason that the Yoga Smart Tab tops the charts when it comes to some of the best tablets for students: powerful speakers and entertainment features. Each device comes with a dual JBL stereo that is specifically built to deliver sweeping cinematic soundscapes and your favorite beats.

The dual speakers are JBL Hi-Fi, which means that they are boosted with a smart power amplifier. Likewise, they are optimized by Dolby Atmos to provide you with an audio experience like no other. It feels like the sound is flowing all around you!

So, how else does the Yoga Smart Tab help students with their audio needs? In addition to Dolby Atmos and the 2 X 2W JBL speakers, they include up to three months of access to Amazon Music. While this offer is only available for a limited time, it means that when you purchase the Yoga Smart Tab you will also be able to listen to more than 70 million songs for free – with no ads and unlimited skips!

This is perfect for any student that likes to listen to music while studying, traveling between classes, hitting the gym, or any other activity where they can bring their tablet. The crystal-clear sound will confirm that they never miss anything said in a lecture and can jam to their favorite songs with ease.

Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Being a student in today’s educational environment is all about being connected, the Yoga Smart Tab allows you to do just that. That’s why it’s one of the best tablets for students.

With 802.11 AC Dual BAND (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2, you will have no trouble interacting with other devices and accessories. This model also addresses another frustrating issue that students may face with other tablets: lack of connection ports!

It includes a microSD card slot, USB-C port, and a headphone/microphone combination port to ensure that you can seamlessly manage your connectivity.

Long-Lasting Battery

Students are always on the go. Whether you are going from class to class or traveling to your after-school activities, you need a device that can keep up. The Yoga Smart Tab has a long-lasting battery, so you never have to worry about your device not having enough juice for the day.

The tablet is equipped with a 7000mAh battery that provides up to 11 hours of web browsing or 10 hours of video playback at 1080p! That means you can stream your favorite shows, do your homework, and browse the web without draining the battery life.

It is important to note that the battery life you experience will vary based on the specific settings on your device. Factors like screen brightness, usage, and more will make a difference, but 10-11 hours is still plenty of time to go out and be productive.

High-Quality Specs

The Yoga Smart Tablet also has an array of impressive specs to ensure that you can make the most out of your device. For instance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 octa-core processor allows you to browse the internet and download apps at fast and reliable speeds.

It uses an Android 9 Pie operating system and includes up to 4GB of RAM, so the user interface is sleek and efficient. When you combine these specs with an impressive 10.1 FHD display – and the ability to function as a smart home hub – you have a powerful tablet that can meet all your educational and recreational needs!

Tab Series Tablets

Next on our list of the best tablets for students is our Tab Series. This line of devices is made up of affordable mobile companions geared towards helping your student maximize their education, connectivity, and the tools they have at their disposal.

There is no shortage of tablets to choose from in the Tab Series lineup, so you can choose the device that will best help you satisfy your unique needs. Every student is different, and Tab Series tablets ensure that you can find the exact tech that you are looking for!

Perhaps you are looking for a premium model that has advanced features and all the bells and whistles. Or maybe you just need an entry-level tablet that can handle basic processing, streaming, and browsing. Regardless of what you are looking for, the Tab Series can handle it.

The letter that accompanies each model can give you an idea of what range the tablet falls into. For example, the E tablets are compact devices made for families and available to meet any budget. M series tablets are slim and offer exceptional multimedia and family entertainment features – at a slightly higher cost. The P series is our premium lineup, consisting of top-tier tablets that are masterfully crafted and contain robust features and impressive tech specs.

There is a tablet for every household, and each model can produce crisp and clear sounds and visuals. They are all family-friendly too, so parents can protect their students while ensuring that they make the most out of their education.

Sleek Design

The Tab Series tablets offers – yet functional – design. If you are looking for a device that appreciates style, attention to detail, and design, then this lineup of tablets is right for you!

These sleek tablets have black covers and rounded edges, so they exude elegance while still feeling great in your hands. Small but mighty, they have big sound and clear, crisp video quality.

That enhance the user experience. These compact devices pack a big punch.

Versatile and Light for Maximum Flexibility

Students need tech that is versatile and lightweight. Gone are the years of lugging heavy textbooks and laptops around! With the Tab Series devices, your student can easily carry all their school-required texts and processing software in just one hand.

For example, the Tab M8 is only 8.15 mm, or 0.32 inches, thin. Even though it is compact, the device still allows them to complete their schoolwork, attend virtual classes, chat with their friends, and stream their favorite shows and movies.

You may be wondering - won't the tablet get damaged if it is stored in a backpack or taken to school? This technology is built to last, and the devices in the Tab Series are more durable than ever before.

Boost Your Processing Power

Processing power is important for all types of devices, but this is especially true for a tablet used for education. These tablets will be used for everything: attending virtual classes, hosting online presentations, streaming videos, and playing games. That means the tech must be fast and efficient so that it can keep up with the students.

The Tab Series are android tablets and run on Android operating systems, ranging from Android 9 Pie to Android 11. Combine this innovative OS with a fast MediaTek processor, and you have the perfect solution for speed and stability!

Top-tier processing power allows these tablets to handle everything that students can throw at them and more – without slowing down or lagging.

Tools For Every Type of Student

No two students are the same - which is why at Lenovo, we offer a tablet that is suitable for all students Do you have young children that need to be connected, but require additional supervision? Or perhaps you have a student heading off to college for the first time that needs the right tech.

Regardless of the type of student that you are purchasing the tablet for, one of the devices in the Tab Series will work.

Let’s start by looking at the Tab M7 Gen 3, which is geared towards being family-friendly and perfect for kids. It includes Google Kids Space, which provides quality content to help mold their young minds and encourage them to discover and create.

YouTube Kids is a great addition too since it allows you to access thousands of videos catered towards a younger audience. As a parent safety is your top priority, though, and these tablets are designed to give you complete control. Set limits on screen times, get alerts if the tablet is not sitting up properly, and ensure that they are focusing on fun, child-safe content.

For the older students, these tabs are equipped with Google apps that can boost productivity and enhance their learning. The Google Play Store provides them with access to over 100 billion apps – yes, you read that right, 100 billion!

This expansive library of tech means that there is something for every student. It doesn’t matter if they are into gaming, social media, photography, or something else – they can find an app for it on the Google Play Store.

Launching these apps is simple, too. All you need to do to unlock your device is use your face, thanks to the face recognition technology that keeps your data secure. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

The Perfect Entertainment Hub

Another reason that the Tab Series devices are some of the best tablets for students, is they serve as the perfect entertainment hub. Just check out the home screen on your tablet and you will find a wide variety of entertainment features, all tied into Google Entertainment Services.

Google Entertainment Services allows you to control all your media streaming in one place. That means your books, music, tv shows, and movies can be accessed in a convenient, one-stop-shop. It also allows you to personalize your entertainment hub by signing into your subscription services and accessing your tailored content.

All this entertainment is neatly wrapped up into your tablet and displayed on the bright and vivid IPS screen. The Tab Series devices boast high screen-to-display ratios, with more than 80% of the tablet dedicated to the touchscreen.

You will also be surprised by the impressive audio that plays directly from the tablet. They are equipped with Dolby Audio-tuned speakers that make watching your favorite content and playing the top games even more exciting.

There are two side speakers on each tablet so that you can completely immerse yourself in the sound. Whether it is a podcast, a new hit song, or a movie, the experience will sound and feel like something on a whole new level.

To help you enjoy the entertainment features further, the Tab Series tablets come with three months of Amazon Music Unlimited. There is no extra cost to you – simply use that as an opportunity to enjoy millions of songs and playlists. You won’t be disappointed by what you hear.

Minimize Blue Light Exposure

There is a good chance that your student will spend a lot of time looking at their screens. TVs, smartphones, laptops, tablets, you name it. So, you may be concerned about the health of their eyes after so much exposure to blue light.

The Tab Series tablets are TÜV®-certified. That means they limit the amount of blue light that is emitted from the tablets to protect your eyesight and give you peace of mind about them using the devices for hours at school.

Tab P11

Are you looking for a premium tablet option that will work for students and can also handle gaming? If so, look no further tab our Tab P11.

This impressive Android tablet solution works with Google Kids Space. This feature means that you can access more than 10,000 educational apps - and hundreds of free books - that have been approved by teachers. Without a doubt, that makes the Tab P11 one of the best tablets for students.

It is a sleek device with thin and narrow bezels, designed to maximize your screen space. The 11” TDDI IPS display ensures that you have as much real estate as possible to browse your content – whether that’s streaming your favorite shows, expressing your creativity, or participating in an online lecture.

Your experience with the Tab P11 is like getting upgraded to first class. It offers a stunning 2K resolution, rich audio features, and up to 6 GB of RAM to provide an optimal gaming experience – setting it leagues ahead of its competitors. There’s not much that this powerful tablet can’t do!

Likewise, the Tab P11 has a Snapdragon processor that can operate for up to 15 hours on a single charge. That’s a lot of time for studying, gaming, and browsing the web.

Take Streaming to the Next Level

Students that love to stream shows, movies, and music can leverage the advanced technology found in the Tab P11 to take their experience to the next level. The 11" TDDI IPS display features narrow bezels on all four sides, leaving you with an expansive 85% screen-to-display ratio.

The 2K resolution means that you will have crystal clear video capabilities – the display has even been certified to stream Netflix in HD. You may be wondering, how does the resolution fare when you are outside?

The sun and glare are no match for the Tab P11! Thanks to its 400 nits’ brightness and LCD screen, you can enjoy streaming and browsing your favorite content outdoors on a bright, sunny day. Of course, the same goes for using your tablet at night, as the range of lighting settings makes it easy for you to adjust to a comfortable level.

Similarly, the device is TÜV Rheinland-certified for low blue light emittance. This eye protection certification means that you can enjoy streaming without the eyestrain and vision damage that is normally associated with extended screen time.

The screen on this tablet is also equipped with our anti-fingerprint technology, so continuous use of the touch screen won’t detract from the quality of your visuals.

Features like these are especially important for students since they are most likely to use their tablets for many hours at a time. Whether they are pulling an all-nighter to study for an exam or engaging in a marathon gaming session, the Tab P11 can handle it.

Elevated Audio

Another area in which the Tab P11 sets itself apart from the competition is its first-class audio. The Dolby Atmos quad speakers can optimize the audio experience and make you feel like you are right in the middle of the action.

It doesn’t matter if you are listening to your favorite song or watching an action-packed movie – the cinematic sound will immerse you in the content. The fact that there are four speakers enhances this further. It ensures that the quality of your sound does not change no matter where your tablet is positioned.

It is ideal for students who love music, streaming, or just need to attend virtual classes! With these high-quality audio features, you can rest assured that you will capture everything from your lectures and find a deeper connection to your audiobooks and music.

At, we want to give you the best opportunity to enjoy the sound quality provided by the Tab P11. That's why for a limited time, your purchase will include three months of Amazon Music Unlimited – for free!

What does that entail? With this bonus content, you will be able to stream over 70 million songs. You won’t be restricted with ads or skip limits either, so you can truly enjoy your favorite stations and artists. Not to mention it will sound great coming from the elevated audio in your Tab P11!

Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Still not sure why the Tab P11 is one of the best tablets for students? Consider the fact that it allows you to stay connected no matter where you are., It lets you you engage your students with learning, friends, family, and fun – from a portable and functional device.

It weighs a minimal 1.1 lbs and the compact dimensions are: 258.4m x 163mm x 7.5mm. Thin and lightweight, right? The Tab P11 can easily fit in your backpack, tote, or locker so you can take it anywhere you need to go!

Comfortably carry it across campus, on the bus, and more so that you can always be connected. That means nothing is stopping you from attending your online classes wherever you are comfortable.

The 8 MP front camera - and the 12 MP auto-focus rear camera - can be used to enable an integrated background blur so everything will be hidden except for you. The cameras are high-resolution, though, so what they can see on your video call will be crystal clear.

Similarly, each device comes with a dual microphone array to ensure that your voice carries smoothly during your video and conference calls. It makes participating in class discussions a breeze.

Google Kids Space is another exciting feature on this tablet. It provides access to over 10,000 teacher-approved applications. That means your student can read more than 100 free books to expand their knowledge, vocabulary, and more., It is already filled with impressive educational resources so your student can get started right away.

Unlock your Peak Productivity

Unlocking productivity is essential for any educational environment. Whether you are a high school student or working on your college degree, you need to complete your work quickly and efficiently.

With the Tab P11, you can access laptop-level productivity. It has an optional keyboard with a built-in trackpad and shortcuts keys to ensure that you can type fast and accurately. The keyboard is ultra-thin so it won't take away from the flexibility of the tablet – but it will boost your productivity immensely.

When working on creative projects, the Lenovo Precision Pen 2 is the perfect accessory for this tablet. It offers almost 4,100 different pressure levels with 200 hours of usage time, so you can draw, take notes, and paint whenever the inspiration strikes.

A Tablet that Doubles as a Gaming Device

As if you needed more reasons why the Tab P11 is one of the best tablets for students, consider the fact that it can double as a gaming device. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Octa-Core processor makes gaming on this tablet simple – there is less lag and faster speeds, with up to 2.0 GHz main frequency.

You can also multitask seamlessly since the device has up to 6GB of RAM. That will make it easy for your student to switch between schoolwork and play!

The battery life is built to hold up under the demands of gaming too. You can use your tablet for up to 15 hours on one single charge thanks to the powerful 7700 mAh battery.

Accessories are important for gaming, and the Tab P11 lets you connect to the devices you need most. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1, a USB-C port and headset, and a 4-point Pogo pin for charging or data transfers.

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