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Edge-to-Cloud: scaled, streamlined, and simplified

Say goodbye to the challenges of building, deploying, and managing an extended Edge network with Lenovo solutions.

Lenovo is driving Edge computing with new hardware and increased ease of use

The path to Edge success can be complex, expensive, and resource-heavy. An inability to scale device onboarding, combined with a lack of resources and budget, leads to slow progress toward a successful digital transformation.

New Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) gives you faster ROI and insights by saving time and money by getting your entire Edge infrastructure up and running in hours. The provisioning process is also simplified by using a zero-touch secure utility running on a smartphone or laptop, which configures, validates, and then onboards the Lenovo SE350 and SE450 servers with limited skillsets required and minimal travel needed.

New XClarity Management Tools serve up an easy, one-stop administration platform across the entirety of Lenovo. Whether on-prem or cloud, you get device management capabilities with a minimal footprint—but with a scalable architecture.

The New ThinkEdge SE10 is a perfect entry-level edge device and empowers you to capture data at the outermost extent of your business. The ground-up modular design makes for easy scaling up and down the spectrums of ruggedness and flexibility.

Powerful hardware and software solutions to simplify your Edge journey

Quickly, easily and inexpensively set up, maintain, and manage your Edge devices from a smartphone or laptop with streamlined client and server management in one application.

New Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) 2.6

New Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) 2.6

No matter how many, how distributed, or how remote your Edge devices are, you can get them up and running in minutes—not days or weeks—with LOC-A 2.6.
New XClarity from Edge-to-Cloud

New XClarity Management for All Lenovo Edge Devices

See if your Edge clients and servers are online, up-to-date, operating at maximum efficiency, and delivering the data you need to make fast business decisions.
New ThinkEdge SE10

New ThinkEdge SE10

Balance environmental requirements with reliable performance to capture and process data closer to where it is generated.

Solutions at the Edge that deliver

Lenovo’s Edge data management workshops

Lenovo’s Edge data management workshops

Achieve your goals and get faster business results with our Principal Consultants in a dynamic white-boarding session to help you define your challenges and clearly identify your next steps to success.
Lenovo Edge security

Lenovo Edge security

With Edge servers located in some hard-to-monitor locations, customers worry about their data and hardware being safe. Built-in security, along with ThinkShield, allows customers to focus on building their businesses.
Lenovo AI innovators program

Lenovo AI innovators program

The industry's most innovative AI software companies work with Lenovo to access the latest NVIDIA AI accelerators and software, AI-ready infrastructure, AI expertise, and an extensive ecosystem of AI hardware and software partners.

Edge computing in action

Organizations worldwide are leveraging Lenovo Edge solutions to gain faster insights and better achieve their business goals.

Emirates National Oil Corporation (ENOC)

Emirates National Oil Corporation (ENOC)

ENOC is ushering in a new era of Edge distribution, automation, and data by using ThinkEdge servers to get real-time insights into retail customer data and provide the right product mix and pricing.
Smart City Barcelona

Smart City Barcelona

Barcelona continues to be a model for smart cities worldwide, as we see new examples of Edge technology making life better for its citizens.


Insight is one of Lenovo’s premier technology business partners and has implemented innovative Edge solutions for their customers around the globe.

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