• Converged System

    Protect Your Investment & Drive Down Costs

    Lenovo Converged System for Infrastructure is founded on the no-comprise building blocks of Flex System. Based on reliable and proven technology, Flex System components support open standards. The simplicity of a Lenovo Converged System for Infrastructure begins with acquisition. You can choose a fully integrated, optimized configuration as your starting point. Your solution will ship to you as a complete, fully tested, configured package of compute, storage, and networking resources upon which you and your Lenovo Business Partners can customize a solution. With built-in expertise for deployment, redundancy for durability, management, and optimization—including cloud capabilities—to simplify key tasks across all of your IT resources, your system is designed to deploy quickly and be easy to manage.

    Your Lenovo Converged System for Infrastructure is designed for multiple generations of technology to support your workload today and meet the demands of your business in the future:

    • Simplified ordering with pre-integrated, tested, and validated configurations that deliver interoperability and predictable performance for demanding data center environments
    • Deep integration of compute, networking, and storage hardware with virtualization, operating system, and management software so you can deploy in hours instead of days
    • Purposefully designed systems, taking the guesswork out of your configuration so you can simplify every aspect of IT operations to improve agility and lower costs
    • Flexibility to configure your Lenovo Converged System for Infrastructure with a wide variety of elements such as storage, operating systems, hypervisors, and networking architectures that allow systems to be optimized and tuned to your enterprise
    • Maximum application performance, flexibility, and lower operating costs with simplified resource management to easily and quickly add new products and services
    • Extensive partner ecosystem that delivers leveraged innovative technologies to streamline operations and run your most mission-critical application workloads with confidence
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  • Lenovo EMC VSPEX

    Simple, Efficient, & Flexible

    As IT growth accelerates, business applications are moving into a complete and consolidated compute, network, and storage environment. Lenovo has partnered with EMC® to bring validated reference architectures leveraging Lenovo’s strength in servers, networking technology, and high-performance infrastructure. These jointly developed solutions include:

    • EMC VSPEX for Lenovo Flex System/ThinkServer End-User computing (EUC)
    • EMC VSPEX for Lenovo Flex System/ThinkServer End-User computing (EUC)

    See also our industry alliances information on Lenovo EMC VSPEX Solutions.