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Infrastructure Optimization Services for IT Modernization

Celebrating 30 years of optimized infrastructure solutions

Celebrating 30 years of optimized infrastructure solutions

Announcing our broadest portfolio enhancements ever; with innovative, optimized, and sustainable infrastructure solutions for organizations of any size.

Optimized solutions for intelligent transformation

Lenovo uniquely provides globally available and supported optimized infrastructure solutions leveraging our extensive partner ecosystem. We begin by understanding our customers' requirements and expectations before leveraging over 30 years of global innovation leadership. The foundational layer of our optimized infrastructure solutions is the industry's most reliable server portfolio, which is performant and secure under our robust ThinkShield Security umbrella.

Lenovo ensures customers can readily navigate the Edge to Cloud frontier using resilient, secure infrastructure solutions to mitigate security risks, data threats, and harsh environments. Ensuring customers gain the competitive advantage they need to excel in today's complex world.


Here’s how we do it:

  • Lenovo develops customer-centric optimized infrastructure solutions built on globally extensible and supportive Open Cloud Architecture.
  • We are meeting our customers' demanding challenges by continuing to offer the industry's most reliable, secure, and sustainable open infrastructure solutions.
  • Lenovo utilizes the breadth of our global partner ecosystem, with worldwide service and technical support teams in 165 countries.


Optimized infrastructure solutions

Lenovo leverages 30 years of expertise, working with our partner ecosystem, to provide globally supported optimized infrastructure solutions.

TruScale XtraRack for HPC

TruScale For HPC XtraRack

TruScale HPC XtraRack is a simple, pay-per-use model, managed and supported by Lenovo, allowing you to scale and have a competitive advantage with available resources whenever needed. Get faster business insights with elastic compute resources delivered as-a-Service.
The latest Microsoft CSP Azure virtual desktop solutions

New virtual desktop solution

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Solution from Lenovo provides the simplest and most direct way to bring businesses of any size to the cloud. With these solutions, you can set up a scalable, flexible, highly resilient environment on ThinkAgile MX All-Flash Appliances.
New backup and site recovery solution

New backup and site recovery solution

A Microsoft Azure Business Continuity Solution from Lenovo provides you a deployment-ready hybrid cloud offering that helps protect against disasters, ransomware and local and regional planned and unplanned outages. These solutions can provide cost-effective, secure, scalable one-click backup.
New AI and Data Insights solution

New Microsoft SQL solution for AI and ML

A Microsoft Azure SQL for AI and ML solution from Lenovo includes a well-configured ThinkAgile MX All Flash Appliance with Azure Stack HCI - delivered as an Azure service. Customers can store data on-premises or in the cloud using Azure Cloud Service.

TruScale hybrid cloud with Microsoft

TruScale hybrid cloud with Microsoft

Run TruScale hybrid cloud with Microsoft, environments from the Edge, and benefit from consumption-based pricing. Our V3 architecture allows your team to manage virtualization and storage processes while delivering a seamless customer experience.
TruScale hybrid cloud with VMware

TruScale hybrid cloud with VMware

Deploy a modern hybrid cloud platform for increased IT agility and efficiency. Joint solutions from VMware and Lenovo utilize virtualization, containers, and as a service capability, with the flexibility of a scalable pay-as-you-go model.

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