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Business people in an office setting

Unlock Smarter Infrastructure From Edge to Core to Cloud

Lenovo and VMware deliver turnkey solutions with as-a-service flexibility to enable business value.

Accelerate business modernization. Drive intelligent transformation.

Line art suggesting Modern IT infrastructure

Modern IT infrastructure

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX HCI powered by vSAN solution provides up to 300% performance increment.

  • Hyperconverged solutions
  • Faster deployments
  • Seamless operational management
Line art suggesting turnkey solution

Turnkey solution

Lenovo ThinkAgile VX HCI powered by vSAN solution streamlines the infrastructure achieving:

  • Up to 93% reduction in backup time
    Learn more
  • 50 TB of storage space saved with compression and deduplication ratio of 1.66
    Learn more
Line art suggesting as-a-service


Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud with VMware

  • Free up to 40% of the IT Team’s time to focus on more innovative tasks
  • 98% reduction in VM creation times, accelerating innovation
  • 100% availability since implementation

Smarter infrastructure made simpler

IT professional looking at a monitor.

Lenovo and VMware value story

Explore how our integrated hybrid cloud and edge-native solutions deliver seamless management across the full spectrum of today’s changing IT landscape.
3 steps to empower IT

3 steps to empower IT

Modernize, accelerate, and streamline your IT infrastructure. Lenovo and VMware ensure you are ready for anything. Read our joint one-pager solution brief.
From overwhelmed to empowered

From overwhelmed to empowered

Organizations are demanding faster innovation to embrace a digital economy. Learn how IT leaders can balance strategic and operational responsibilities.

IT professionals collaborating in an office environment.

Explore more ways Lenovo and VMware can enable business acceleration.

Our innovative joint portfolio of fully tested and validated solutions and services enables faster insights, improves operational efficiency, and accelerates business value and innovation on your edge, hybrid multi-cloud journey. Optimize your IT infrastructure investments and become cloud-savvy.

Customer success stories


Man viewing city-scape and river

Interactive case study e-book

Helping to solve IT challenges and inspire new thinking.
IT worker in office environment

Lyric Robot

Empowering teams to work at their peak performance.
3D digital rendering


Bringing the cloud in-house and worldwide.
Leafy, green field

Directorate for Agrarian Payments Serbia

Delivering vital financial support to farming communities.

Unlocking possibilities

Woman silhouetted against windows

Unlock smarter AI for All

98% of global executives agree AI models will play an important role in their organizations.
Three people in a dark-sky setting viewing the milky way

Unlock generative AI innovation

Whether exploring modern apps to deliver faster innovation or looking to improve business, the right foundation is critical to success.
Pedestrian silhouetted against a dark urban landscape

Unlock smarter infrastructure for hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud model has emerged as a clear choice to achieve operational resilience while unlocking innovation.
Person walking in a futuristic hall

Unlock opportunities beyond the edge

See real-world examples of how organizations are using edge computing to create efficiencies and competitive advantages.

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