Lenovo Research and Innovation

With $1.3B invested in research and development in the last financial year, Lenovo is at the forefront of innovative thinking. Through this research we can better understand human behavior and unlock insights that contribute to continually developing customer-centric products, solutions, software, and services.

This focus has led to recognitions including Fast Company’s 2020 Best Workplaces for Innovators.

While our Business Groups bring innovations to market continuously, Lenovo Research focuses on developing core technologies in a 2- to 5-year horizon. Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group looks 5-10 years out. Our “innovation triangle” leverages our strengths as a global company with 15 research and development locations around the world, including in China, Japan, and the US.

Our research focuses in key areas including:

Device and infrastructure innovation

We pioneer new technologies and develop them into products through the Business Units.

Artificial Intelligence

We are building an AI innovation ecosystem by collaborating closely with academic, industry, and other partners on core areas and key applications, such as: AI software (Lenovo LiCO) intelligent assistants, intelligent services, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent decision-making, and smart healthcare.


5G will be the core future technology for consumers, telecommunications, and, with apps for vertical sectors, industrial IoT. We are developing core 5G technologies for the future of mobile communications, creating high-performance algorithms and protocols, participating in the formulation of international 5G standards, and working on standard essential patents.​

Cloud/Edge Computing

Developing state of the art computing platform and virtualization technologies and delivering the next gen cloud server system level solutions and keytechnologies for Lenovo data center business. Working to build new gen micro data centers that integrate hardware, software, and information technology/computing technology at the edge; developing edge computing platform and applications in the era of 5G.

Industrial Design

Working to build next gen PC form factor for new scenarios.


We are committed to the research of blockchain technology and are developing blockchain-enabled supply chain solutions for the manufacturing sector.

Augmented Reality

Based on vision intelligence technology, the lab provides end to end complex solutions in the areas of smart production, smart maintenance, and smart detection etc.