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Lenovo's Impact in F1®

Our partnership unlocks a world where cutting-edge technology meets precision, empowering data-driven insights that drive groundbreaking decisions, and where the thrill of victory becomes an undeniable reality.

Explore the images below to discover how Lenovo's innovative solutions power the heart of F1.

Broadcast Room
Broadcast Room

Lenovo plays a pivotal role in Formula 1, providing a comprehensive suite of technological solutions that enable seamless live broadcasting.

From network infrastructure to video streaming and content distribution services, Lenovo's cutting-edge technology connects the track to the Media & Technology Centre, facilitating real-time on-screen graphics and data used by Formula 1 to deliver an immersive racing experience to fans worldwide.


At the heart of our partnership with Formula 1 lies a commitment to sustainability. Lenovo's Asset Recovery Services (ARS) support F1 in developing and implementing a responsible disposition strategy for technology hardware.

By recycling and repurposing tech, Lenovo not only offsets costs but also promotes environmental responsibility, aligning with our shared vision for a greener future.

Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions

Lenovo's cutting-edge solutions empower the F1 personnel to monitor crucial aspects of racing performance, including car performance, tire wear, fuel consumption, and aerodynamics. Our technology facilitates real-time data storage and processing, aiding informed decisions and propelling technological advancements in the sport. With forward-thinking approaches, we drive Formula 1 towards optimisation and innovation, embracing a new era of unprecedented possibilities

Formula 1 and Lenovo stand unparalleled.

Lenovo devices are powered by Intel® technology.

Powered by Lenovo






TBs of data processed during race weekend

Redefining the possibilities of technology background image Redefining the possibilities of technology background image Redefining the possibilities of technology background image

Redefining the possibilities of technology

Embracing its grandest season yet, this motorsport spectacle is driven by an unyielding ambition to push the envelope.

“The partnership with Lenovo is helping us be more efficient and effective across our whole organisation”

Pete Samara, Director of Strategic Technical Ventures at Formula 1®

Learn about the Lenovo and Formula 1 journey

Only one driver can embrace victory background image Only one driver can embrace victory background image

The world's 1st kiss activated trophy.

Two ThinkPad X1 Laptops

High-performance collaboration

Harness the power of high-performance collaboration with Lenovo's cutting-edge AV capabilities embedded within our award-winning ThinkPad X1 Nano with Intel vPro®, an Intel® Evo Design and ThinkBook notebooks®, along with our enterprise-grade ThinkSmart collaboration solutions.

Motorola, Driven by Connectivity

Our tools, adaptable for office, track, and beyond, empower Formula 1 teams to seamlessly connect and perform, fostering innovation and efficiency. Lenovo’s devices, combined with the connectivity and security offered by Motorola smartphones, not only fit every requirement but have become an integral part of Formula 1's digital ecosystem, enhancing communication, collaboration, and their ability to excel on the race track.

Put the power of partnership to work

Drive your team forward with confidence using Lenovo’s cutting-edge technology. Unleash the potential of Lenovo to always be right at the edge of innovation.

Split image with a Lenovo ThinkPad with an F1 blue print on screen on the left and a F1 car on the right

Digital Workplace Solutions

Elevate productivity with Lenovo's cloud-based, secure, and user-friendly digital workplace solutions featuring the ThinkPad® X1 Carbon powered by Intel vPro® for unrivalled performance. Collaborate, access, and analyse seamlessly from anywhere, anytime, with the reliability and efficiency of Intel technology.

Lenovo ThinkBook's laid out to look like a checkered race flag

Performance Devices

Discover the perfect device for every need, from ThinkPad laptops to ThinkCentre desktops and Yoga tablets - all equipped with cutting-edge features like 5G, AI, and long-lasting batteries. Stay productive and connected with Lenovo.

Lenovo ThinkStation on a race track at the starting line


Partner with us to create a smarter and more sustainable future. Lenovo’s commitment to sustainability shines through our products, services and solutions that help customers increase sustainability of their IT throughout its lifecycle.

A meeting with multiple people wearing F1 pit race equipment using the Lenovo ThinkSmart

Infrastructure solutions

Unlock the potential of your business with Lenovo's top-tier servers, storage, and networking products. Scale up, optimise performance, and enhance security using our innovative technologies, including cloud and edge computing. Embrace the future of IT with Lenovo.

Accelerate your IT strategy today

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