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Education is a critical building block to a vibrant future and teachers live on the front lines of that effort. Aside from the Student & Teacher Discount Lenovo offers every day, here are a few things we are doing for extra credit in the education world.

Student & Teacher Discount
Lenovo Future Academy

Lenovo Future Academy

From coast-to-coast, young people everywhere are growing up in a world of innovation and change. And, here at Lenovo, we asked students to show us what the future of education looks like to them and submit their concepts through stories and graphics. The top 10 stories were then selected and animated by professional studios, all leading to a nationwide competition in which the winning school received a $25,000 technology update grand prize! Check out the link to see the amazing stories that students around the country, at all different ages, developed. And even though the competition has come to a close, let us know what YOU think the future of education will look like on Twitter or Facebook with #LenovoTravelingStorybook.

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The Lenovo Foundation

Lenovo Foundation empowers diverse and underrepresented populations with access to technology and STEM education. This mission is accomplished through strategic giving to aligned charitable partners, global employee volunteerism, and ensuring access to technology in times of disaster. By partnering with strategically aligned charitable organizations and engaging Lenovo's global employee base, Lenovo shares its strengths of innovation and diversity to make a difference in communities around the world through the work of Lenovo Foundation.


Lenovo Education Discount

Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day may only come around once a year, but at Lenovo, we prefer to show our teacher appreciation all year long. Lenovo has partnered with ID.me to offer special teacher discounts on educational laptops, educational tablets, teacher accessories, and much more. But in addition to our education discount, Lenovo has its eyes set on the future of education and how technology can fuel advances in the classroom and beyond.

Teacher Appreciation Week may only come around once a year, but at Lenovo, we prefer to show our teacher appreciation all year long. Lenovo offers year-round great prices on laptops, desktops, tablets, and other teaching technology. But in addition to our low prices, Lenovo has its eyes set on the future of education and how technology can fuel advances in the classroom and beyond.

Future of Education

Education across the globe is in a constant state of flux. As technology in schools continues to evolve, so too do the teaching methods of past and present. And that’s not a bad thing! Advances in web conferencing, educational software, and more has opened the door for thousands of prospective students to grow through distance learning and online classes – those who otherwise may not have had the time or ability to regularly travel to a physical location. Plus, enhancements within the classroom help foster new and innovative teaching methods that help teachers further guide and engage with students.

Teachers and Students Leading the Way

At Lenovo, we’re looking to the experts to point us in the right direction. We’re constantly engaging with students and teachers to understand their hopes and needs for the future of education. In one such case, the Lenovo Future Academy asked students to show us their vision of the future of education, and the winner received a $25,000 technology update grand prize. Want to know more about what’s available today? Review our student FAQs to learn more.

Classroom Fundraising

It’s at the heart of education where Lenovo prides itself the most, and that’s right in the classroom. Teachers may benefit from our exclusive teacher discounts, but sometimes there’s only so much money to spread around. That’s where the Lenovo Teacher Giveaway comes in. Teachers can enter to win themselves or be nominated by their admiring peers. Most importantly, the winners will get to invest that cash right into their own classrooms.

Giving Back to Education Charities

With support from the Lenovo Foundation, Lenovo is also strategically pursuing charitable endeavors to take some of the load off hard-working instructors across the globe by dispatching Lenovo employees to lend helping hands where needed. Also, our education donation efforts have led to hundreds of products being placed in the hands of students and educational organizations in need, leaving less students and teachers disconnected from one another.

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