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Intel vPro® platform
Intel vPro® platform

Can a smarter transformation of education transform society?

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Education is undergoing a major transformation as educators partner with IT professionals to revamp systems, so that school-age students and lifelong learners are better prepared for the digital economy.

“Education is a human right,” noted influential former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, “with immense power to transform.” But education is itself undergoing a massive transformation. 


And that’s a good thing, because the world it prepares us for has changed dramatically. 


With the help of smarter technology, educators and their IT departments are rebuilding the systems that prepare us to engage with the world, revamping education to prepare everyone, throughout their lives, to participate in our digital economy.  


Lenovo is driving this revolution. We’re the world’s leading provider of education technology and our solutions are helping transform static educational systems into dynamic environments for lifelong learning. We co-innovate with other industry leaders like Intel®, Microsoft and Google to deliver smarter outcomes. 


The systems we build make it possible for educators to empower learners everywhere. They provide immersive, personalized, and flexible learning environments, giving educators and learners the ability to collaborate seamlessly and securely—no matter where they are.

Devices tailored to digital learners 


Of course, all this digital transformation is daunting, particularly when something as crucial as education is involved. We’re a trusted partner for education systems worldwide. So we understand the challenges schools face with ever-changing models of teaching, learning, and collaborating, all while managing cost, efficiency, and security.  


Our Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution makes the implementation of 1:1 learning programs simpler and worry-free. And with end-to-end education service solutions, we take responsibility for managing the entire lifecycle of your devices, including round-the-clock support. 


A smarter infrastructure that flexes with your needs


Smarter infrastructure is the unseen but critical layer that facilitates everything from accessing wi-fi and course materials in the cloud to analyzing vast datasets. And when implemented as a service, IT professionals can help educators and students make strides by scaling systems with their needs without massive capital outlays.


Smarter infrastructure is at world-class research universities, too. Lenovo supercomputers help scientists and researchers push the boundaries of human knowledge, to solve for humanity’s greatest challenges in world health, energy, urban planning, and climate prediction.

When we say education for all, we really mean all


Equalizing access to education sometimes means going well beyond the classroom. Our education software portfolio, coupled with virtualized desktop infrastructure and comprehensive security solutions makes education an engaging secure experience for both students and teachers wherever they may be.


The Intel vPro® platform supports leading cloud-based remote manageability that allows IT to manage PC fleets from anywhere. It offers the built-in security features, performance and stability of Intel® architecture while aligning with a future-proof roadmap.


Classroom management solutions like LanSchool and Lenovo Hybrid Classroom with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet Series One Room kits assist teachers in keeping students on course from anywhere, in more personalized ways. They also foster online communication, creative thinking, and collaboration—skills that equip young learners to compete well beyond school. 


Lenovo Virtual Reality Classroom solutions are transporting inner-city kids to the depths of the Pacific and the furthest corners of the galaxy, widening their eyes to career possibilities in STEM. For students with physical, social or cognitive disabilities, VR can help create an inclusive environment and enrich learning.


Esports arenas built on Lenovo infrastructure are providing at-risk teens a sense of belonging. It also teaches the strategic thinking and teamwork experience prized by future employers. 


By collapsing distance, overcoming differences, and leveling hierarchies, technology fulfils education’s promise of transformation. And by preparing everyone for the challenges of tomorrow, smarter education is creating the foundation for a brighter future for all of humanity, today.


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