Front view of Legion laptop open 90 degrees, angled slightly to the left showing display screen and keyboard.

Style and savagery pushed to the limit

Everything, from the prowess you showcase—the foes you overcome—the teammates you inspire—the jaw-dropping things you create, leads directly to the incredible things you do in life. Lenovo Legion celebrates that and serves as an epic conduit to both words—the irrepressibly stylish and the indomitably savage.


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Accessories & Monitors

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*May vary based on usage
Front-view of several products included in Lenovo Legion’s Ecosystem

Expand your possibilities with the Legion Ecosystem

Enjoy endless possibilities within the ever-growing Legion Ecosystem. Assemble the perfect battlestation around our unparalleled gaming laptops and towers that deliver maximum AI-tuned performance out of the box. Expand your visuals with a suite of high refresh rate and beyond QHD resolution Legion Game monitors, and strike the enemy with precision and speed with Legion gaming accessories. Further, take your gaming sessions to new heights with the ultra-versatile Legion Go or relax on the couch with our optional Legion Glasses for the next-generation of AR immersive gaming.*

* Each item sold separately.

Rear view of Legion Laptop open 90 degrees, angled to show left side ports and rear side ports.

Game-changing gameplay

With models featuring Windows 11, you can unlock the full potential of your system’s hardware. Get advanced graphics performance via DirectX 12 Ultimate* and the compatibility to play thousands of games—there’s a reason why Windows is the most popular and versatile gaming platform on the planet.

*DirectX 12 Ultimate available with supported games, graphics chips, and requires the latest Windows 11 update with updated hardware drivers.