• Support for VMware

    Lenovo Support for VMware vRealize Orchestrator

    Lenovo Networking Plug-In for VMware vRealize Orchestrator enables you to:

    • Reduce new service delivery time on RackSwitch and Flex System networking devices
    • Leverage a comprehensive library of Lenovo Networking workflows and actions capturing network configuration best practices for rapid service orchestration
    • Implement more Lenovo switch configuration activity through vRealize Orchestrator and vCenter with less reliance upon native switch interfaces

    Solution Brief: VMware vRealize Orchestrator

    Solution Brief: Integrated Virtualization Solutions from Lenovo Networking and VMware

    Download the Plug-In

    Lenovo Support for VMware vRealize Log Insight

    Lenovo Networking Content Pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight enables you to:

    • Increase network reliability by allowing system or network administrators to monitor networks that feature Lenovo branded RackSwitch or Flex System switches
    • Gain access to extremely detailed switch log entries to facilitate deep insights into the network status
    • Reduce initial provisioning time of Log Insight by using the 9 prebuilt dashboards and 12 predefined alarms featured in the pack

    Solution Brief: VMware vRealize Log Insight

    Solution Brief: Integrated Virtualization Solutions from Lenovo Networking and VMware

    Download the Plug-In

    Lenovo Networking Bundle for VMware vRealize

    • Two unit sizes available: 1 switch & 250 switches
      • Example: If support for 15 switches is desired, order Qty 15 of the 1 switch offering
    • Three time coverage increments available: 1, 3 & 5 years
    • Sold through normal Lenovo Sales channels
    • Distributed through IBM Passport Advantage
    • The Networking Bundle covers:
      • Lenovo Networking Log Insight Content Pack
      • Lenovo Networking Orchestrator Plug-in
      • No need to buy Network Bundle twice if deploying both vRealize products
    • Terms of Service
      • Response is provided by next business day
      • Support provided during business hours Monday – Friday
      • Provides entitlement to software updates and patches during the contract period
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  • OpenStack Associated Offerings

    Support for OpenStack Neutron

    To enable rapid deployment of new services, Lenovo has developed an OpenStack Neutron plug-in that enables dynamic VLAN automation for Lenovo Networking Switches in an OpenStack Data Center Deployment.

    The Lenovo Networking Plug-In for OpenStack Neutron enables you to:

    • Manage all Lenovo Networking resources from a single dashboard
    • Provide seamless virtual machine mobility across the infrastructure with dynamic provisioning
    • Deploy a commercially developed and tested driver for networking equipment that provides the assurance of a reliable and scalable OpenStack infrastructure
    • Implement dynamic configuration of Layer 2 networks to reliably handle network connectivity of virtual workloads

    Learn more: OpenStack Open Source

    lenovo systems software systems management network management vmware
  • DevOps Automation Tools


    Lenovo enables support for Ansible’s open source DevOps tool to automate configuration management of your Lenovo network devices. 

    Utilizing Ansible’s easy to use interface and powerful automation framework users can rapidly deploy, configure, and provide continuous management of the network infrastructure. 

    Lenovo’s integration with Ansible:

    • Enables network agility – integrating network management with compute systems and application delivery for end-to-end management that can rapidly respond to changes in datacenter
    • Accelerates provisioning of network infrastructure – enabling faster
      deployment of network devices using Lenovo’s best practices
    • Increases IT efficiency – using modules to automate time-consuming tasks,  reduce errors, and provide network consistency
    • Simplifies network management – masking the network complexity using standard automation language that is common across the datacenter 

    Learn more: Ansible modules and roles