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Lenovo-NVIDIA Alliance

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Lenovo and NVIDIA, working towards a smarter, faster future

Enjoy a competitive advantage in an accelerating future, with fast, secure, and scalable, end-to-end solutions for data-centered enterprises of all sizes.

NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU in work setting

Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkEdge servers and devices support the new NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPU which improves efficiency and security from Edge to Cloud.

The NVIDIA Ada Lovelace L4 Tensor Core GPU delivers universal acceleration and energy efficiency for AI, video, virtual workstations, and graphics applications in the enterprise, in the cloud, and at the edge.

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Lenovo and NVIDIA, working together to deliver smarter technology for all.

Data-centered organizations of all sizes are making faster, data-driven decisions with deeper insights, producing competitive advantages. Inspired by our joint vision and backed by the technology and expertise of Lenovo and NVIDIA, we bring customers scalable, secure, end-to-end solutions to establish or expand their AI & analytics, edge computing, and remote work capabilities. Our customers are making smarter data-driven decisions and gaining better insights from the edge to the cloud.

Together, we deliver innovative solutions and intelligent infrastructures used to solve great challenges.

Predator Cycling, in Nashville, Tennessee, adopted NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to streamline their operations to create digital twins of their products, allowing them to scale quickly. Learn more about Predator Cycling’s journey to create a digital twin with Lenovo & NVIDIA.

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AI infrastructure that’s ready to go

AI infrastructure that’s ready to go

Speed up your AI & Analytics transformation and gain competitive advantage with easy-to-implement, comprehensive, performance-validated NVIDIA AI for Enterprise solutions.
Accelerate your edge AI workflows

Accelerate your edge AI workflows

Realize powerful data-center-like computing performance and security at your network’s edge by leveraging Lenovo NVIDIA-Certified Systems for edge solutions.
Digital Twin Solutions

Digital Twin Solutions

Power real-time remote work, and complex digital twin workloads, with NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise software and Lenovo ThinkSystem™ platforms.

Lenovo and NVIDIA customer success stories

Learn how Lenovo and NVIDIA are helping customers solve problems, inspire new thinking, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Automated carwash

Sonny’s Enterprises

Learn how Sonny’s Enterprises uses Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 devices to enable a first-of-its-kind computer vision application that automatically detects risky conditions to keep customers and vehicles safe.

The Edge Company customer story

The Edge Company

Learn how The Edge Company enables airports to protect their airspace cost-effectively while ensuring the highest level of safety for the traveling public.

Kroger customer story


Learn how Kroger reduces customer friction and stock losses at self-service checkouts with Everseen’s Visual AITM platform enabled by Lenovo’s AI retail solutions, powerful Edge AI servers, and the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing AI Platform.

DAS Photonics for space exploration

DAS Photonics

Learn how DAS Photonics uses Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 server to support pioneering research into the value of AI and quantum computing for defense applications.

The latest ThinkSystem and ThinkEdge solutions

Lenovo delivers NVIDIA certified high-performance AI servers, digital twin ready infrastructure and ruggedized Edge servers.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650-N V2

ThinkSystem SR650-N V2

The SR650 V2 rack server’s industry leading backplane design, supports the installation of a variety of NVIDIA GPUs. It tackles data-hungry analytics, virtualization, and machine-learning workloads with great reliability, security, and performance.
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2

From single node enterprise deployments to the largest supercomputers in the world, the SR670 V2 scales to meet any performance demand. It supports eight double-wide GPUs including the new NVIDIA A40, delivering optimal performance for AI and HPC.
Lenovo ThinkEdge SE350

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE350

ThinkEdge SE350 virtualizes traditional IT and OT applications and new transformative IoT and AI systems. It delivers the processing power, storage, accelerator, and networking capabilities, required for today’s most demanding edge workloads.
Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450

A right-sized compact edge server that’s designed to meet remote location needs, and built with the optimal security and processing power for running AI applications at the edge.


Gain valuable insights with our transformation and innovation experts. Share in the latest data-centered trends and thought leadership, to help you create a smarter enterprise.

Lenovo Live with Deloitte, NVIDIA and Lenovo

Learn how cutting-edge technology such as edge AI, virtual simulation and immersive technologies can solve the biggest challenges facing the retail industry.

Implement AI, faster

Implement AI, faster

Speed up your AI transformation with an AI-ready vs IT-led infrastructure strategy, from Lenovo and NVIDIA, that enables faster ROI, increased productivity, and streamlined manageability. Learn how organizations of all sizes have made the jump to AI.
Deploying the best AI platform for you

Deploying the best AI platform for you

What makes an edge AI platform tick? Learn how designing the right platform is vital to achieve your business’s desired outcomes - and how to pivot for greater torque. Host Ed Soo Hoo and NVIDIA’s Amanda Saunders dive into this fascinating topic.
Collaboration in real and virtual worlds

Collaboration in real and virtual worlds

With the new normal, employees need the tools to collaborate from anywhere, at any time. See how Lenovo and NVIDIA deliver accessible real-time remote work capabilities enabled by NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise running on the latest Lenovo platforms.

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