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Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

Data center-like computing at the edge, the flexible way to power your innovation

Solving real-world challenges requires robust infrastructure solutions that generate faster insights. Allowing users to make complex decisions quickly, and with a higher level of confidence.


Powerful computing, when and where it’s needed

IT is no longer confined to standalone data centers. It’s distributed across a mix of on-premises servers, public cloud, and an increasing share of infrastructure at the edge.

Most analysts predict edge computing to be the fastest growing segment in the industry, with IDC predicting that 50% of new enterprise IT infrastructure will be at the edge by 2023.

One of the most significant opportunities for IT decision-makers is deciding how to harness their data from edge to cloud. This challenge is a shift from the classic data center architecture to a data-centric environment—essentially, bringing the computing to the data vs. the data to the computing.

Lenovo's ThinkEdge portfolio has purpose-built devices designed to be networked on-premises. Or embedded in solutions, to give you the advantage in performance, security, and scalability.

Success story

Old World powered by the New

Behind Barcelona’s old-world facade runs one of the most technologically advanced networks that powers the city’s infrastructure and its citizens’ lives.

Learn how Lenovo’s Edge Computing solutions, powered by Intel’s 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and in partnership with the Barcelona City Council and Cellnex, is providing the springboard for Barcelona’s digital transformation.

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Our edge servers are rugged and secure with physical tamper-proofing, data encryption, and the ability to withstand conditions of all kinds. So no matter what you need, we’ll find the right solution for you.

A hybrid multi-cloud brings flexibility

A hybrid multi-cloud brings flexibility

The Lenovo Edge ecosystem is open and flexible. It integrates with all key cloud providers to give you end-to-end, ongoing management.
Extend your cloud with a resilient edge

Extend your cloud with a resilient edge

Get an integrated, cost-effective, and resilient edge solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to operate, and maximize edge workload performance.
Improve data management and access

Improve data management and access

Enjoy better data management with the widest choice of products, services, and most importantly—guidance, available for advanced hybrid infrastructure.


Customer Success Stories

Learn how implementing our edge-to-cloud solutions, helped customers across the globe, do business better.



How Addfor leveraged Lenovo Edge Computing to monitor and report COVID-19 metrics in real-time. Using next-generation AI and data science to partner with Italian public health entities.
The Edge Company

The Edge Company

How The Edge Company used Lenovo AI ThinkSystem to create a high-performance appliance, enabling airports worldwide to protect their airspace cost-effectively while ensuring the highest level of safety for the traveling public.
Smart City of Barcelona

Smart City of Barcelona

Behind Barcelona’s old-world facade runs one of the most technologically advanced networks that powers the city’s infrastructure and its citizens’ lives. Learn how Lenovo’s Edge Computing solutions provide the springboard for Barcelona’s digital transformation.


Lenovo-NVIDIA Edge AI Solutions

Lenovo-NVIDIA Edge AI

Gain faster insights at the Edge – make smarter, informed decisions with AI.

Solution brief


Real-time AI performance. Real-time insights.

As businesses contend with vast amounts of data, more complex operations, and more dynamic markets, edge AI is playing a growing role in helping them find insights, opportunities, and streamline processes.
Rightsized for remote AI


Rightsized for remote AI

Learn about a rightsized compact edge server explicitly designed to meet the needs of remote locations with the required processing power to run AI workloads.



Accelerate to accumulate

Accelerated workflows for business at the speed of now. Realize data center-like computing performance at your network’s edge with GPU-accelerated edge computing solutions from Lenovo and NVIDIA.


TruScale Infrastructure Services

Lenovo TruScale is an as-a-service, cloud-like experience with on-prem security and control. It scales very easily, to give you all the power and strategic advantage of the latest data center hardware through a pay-as-you-go business model.

Professional Services

We’ll design the best way to get you from where you are to where you want to be by manging end-to-end architecture, hardware installation, data migration, and system deployment, accelerating your time to productivity and maximizing your ROI.

Support Services

Enjoy one-call support with Premier Support warranty upgrades and extensions. For more complex issues, a Technical Account Manager with in-depth expertise, serves as a single point of accountability for all your infrastructure services.
Coworkers at terminal suggesting managed services

Managed Services

Lenovo Managed Services helps businesses like yours, to gain better performance, limited downtime and peace of mind. With a tailored service, you control and predict your costs and improve system availability and capacity, while reducing your operating expenses.

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