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Accelerate Edge and Datacenter deployments

Open cloud automation software

Lenovo Open Cloud Automation

Accelerate your intelligent transformation journey by automating cloud and edge infrastructure deployments. Get business results faster with robust, battle proven cloud lifecycle management that bridges the gaps between cloud software vendor tooling and the reality faced by your infrastructure management teams.


What is Lenovo Open Cloud Automation

Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) is a software solution that rapidly deploys and manages the lifecycle of on-prem cloud infrastructure, regardless of its location: inside of a datacenter or distributed in your remote edge locations.

LOC-A uses Infrastructure as Code and GitOps best practices for consistent and error-free results. This speeds up on-prem cloud deployment on bare-metal servers and helps maintain a good security posture by avoiding configuration drift.

Capability and deployment

LOC-A has the capability to automate even the configuration of physical and virtual switches with specialized automation “plugins”, for a complete approach to infrastructure automation – network included. When it comes to deployment options, LOC-A adapts to your environment and can be installed on bare-metal, containers or virtual machines. Regardless of how it’s installed, LOC-A manages the lifecycle of on-prem clouds from Red Hat, VMware, or Kubernetes. At the Edge, LOC-A solves the logistical challenge. With zero-touch-provisioning of Lenovo edge servers and remote deployment of edge cloud software, bare-metal servers can be shipped directly to site, eliminating the need for golden images and staging environments.

Lenovo Open Cloud Automation overview

Learn how Lenovo Open Cloud (LOC) Automation software solution helps to rapidly deploy, optimize and manage Communications Service Providers' cloud infrastructure.

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See how Lenovo Open Cloud Automation leads to the success of your network from cloud to Edge

Rightsized for remote AI


Rightsized for remote AI

Learn about a rightsized compact edge server explicitly designed to meet the needs of remote locations with the required processing power to run AI workloads.

AvidThink cost comparison analyst report


AvidThink Cost comparison

Find out how enterprises and CSPs can leverage LOC-A to achieve many of the benefits of large-scale public cloud infrastructure providers without incurring unnecessarily high costs.


T-Systems gets on the fast-track to cloud with Lenovo's Automated Edge Solutions

T-Systems and AvidThink discuss the benefits of hybrid cloud, Lenovo Open Cloud Automation and managing everything from Edge to Cloud. Find out how customers get 36% ROI according to AvidThink.

T-Systems customer success story



Learn how Lenovo used LOC-A to build a solution for T-Systems and their customers to offer cloud-scale building blocks and DevOps support with 100% automation.

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