At school or at home:

the identical classroom experience

Prepare for fall: The only technology for teacher-guided social learning that works just the same, face-to-face or remote.

Choose from three powerful device-enabled curricula:
  • Teach students how to use technology effectively and safely
  • Core Social Studies courses with 500+ classroom lessons
  • Core ELA courses for reading, writing, listening, and speaking
Choose from three powerful device-enabled curricula
Whatever happens this fall: keep the learning alive!

Exploros is a classroom-proven 1:1 model that produces the same experience and achievement gains, whether students and teachers are in the same room or working remotely.

Way more than just an "online meeting" system, Exploros boosts student engagement and social interac:on (voice and/or chat) tied to learning objectives — with the teacher in control and constantly knowing that learning is actually happening!

Whatever happens this fall: keep the learning alive!
Digital Citizenship for device-enabled learning... and life

Security for devices is important, but guiding your students in how to safely and effectively use technology is equally critical.

With Exploros Digital Citizenship, students practice the essential ISTE skills for digital literacy, privacy and security, and learn how to be contributing members of a digital community.

These skills are fundamental to the success of every device initiative.


Digital Citizenship for device-enabled learning...and life
Improve Social Studies and ELA outcomes!

With playlists of rich, 5E-model learning experiences covering key curriculum objectives, teachers quickly take advantage of devices in the classroom. The devices help orchestrate the lessons and teachers can then focus on guiding students, emphasizing key points or reteaching in real-time for the most impact.

This simple shift to student-centered learning delivers remarkable impact. In a large Social Studies case study, 94% of campuses improved with average state testing gains of +29%.

Improve Social Studies and ELA outcomes!
Automatic visibility with Classroom Analytics

Exploros provides data at every level. Students build digital portfolios. Teachers see real-time lesson progress, exit quiz scores, standards-based reporting, and campus and district administrators see usage and achievement reporting.

Whether learning is in school or remote, you have full visibility into curriculum progress and achievement.

Automatic visibility with Classroom Analytics
Extend Google Classroom

Exploros is a Google Cloud Partner integrated with Google Classroom, which means teachers can start guiding classroom learning with just a few clicks.

Extend Google Classroom
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