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Greener data centers may help mitigate climate change

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‘Smarter’ is recognizing that climate change is a serious threat to the environment and acknowledging the important role we play in creating innovative technologies that benefit people and the planet in addition to generating profits.

Data centers are the backbone to our IT infrastructure. With data growing at an exponential rate, around 2% of global electricity is used to power data centers and is reportedly increasing 12% annually. It’s crucial for companies to demand greater efficiency and sustainability from how data centers are powered.


Fortunately, perspectives are changing and many companies no longer view sustainability as a cost-adder or burden. Businesses have begun to see sustainability actions as both positive for the bottom line and a must-do to keep up with customer expectations and the ecological needs of our planet.


More customers are including sustainability issues core to their business decision-making process, such as selecting IT infrastructures with the lowest carbon emissions impact. Customers are also asking for more transparency around where their power comes from and where there are options for more "green," sustainable, or renewable power from providers.

Improved efficiency. Uncompromised performance.


Lenovo was an early, aggressive adopter of liquid cooling in servers. The patented Lenovo Neptune™ embodies our holistic view of liquid-based cooling in the data center, while ensuring no trade-off between performance, energy efficiency, and cost savings. With efficient liquid cooling, emissions stay in check, electricity costs are slashed, and AI and machine learning can continue improving the world.


It’s no surprise that DreamWorks Animation partnered with Lenovo to design their data center equipped with Lenovo Neptune™ warm-water cooling technology, supporting the animation leader’s passion for producing bigger, bolder films.

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DreamWorks saw a 20% performance increase from the Neptune cluster...while also fulfilling [its] commitment to green efficiency.

Lenovo is also developing ways to recycle data center heat, treating it not as a waste product but as a resource to heat buildings and swimming pools and possibly to be piped under roads and walkways to melt snow and ice. Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions are leading the evolution from the energy-saving concept to performance enhancing and the reality of energy reuse.


From setting aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for 2030, to increasing the sustainability of our packaging and products, we are committed to monitoring sustainability programs across our entire supply chain.


We are committed to helping our customers and partners drive a zero-emissions computing strategy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint from data centers without compromising performance and availability.

Explore case studies on how Lenovo customers are using warm-water cooled servers.


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Harvard University

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