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3 ways to outsmart supply chain disruption

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International border closures. Natural disasters. Cyberattacks. To keep the goods moving, you’ve got to anticipate the unforeseen. Stay 10 steps ahead with better infrastructure, AI, and big-data intelligence.

Need a sharper view of the future? Supply-chain intelligence can hone your vision. AI-optimized systems, along with the geniuses in IT who design and implement them, can foretell imminent disruption and predict future demand. Equipped with smarter technology, you’re ready to leap on growth opportunities and manage the risks of doing so.


We can speak to the disruption-busting power of big-data intelligence because we rely on it ourselves. As a top-25 supply chain, Source we know the kind of gear needed to maximize efficiency, minimize risk, and grow the business.


We can set you up with scalable smart device, edge, and infrastructure solutions that grow with you. Harness intelligence with any of our subscription-based services – TruScale Infrastructure or Device-as-a-Service solutions – for a fixed monthly fee (including dedicated access to our expertise.)

End to end—from sourcing to factory, factory to warehouse, and warehouse to fulfillment center or store floor—our tech keeps your supply chain agile and responsive.


Get software-defined hardware.


Consider the insights our hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) extract for LCR Group, an industrial and mining services company in Australia. Optimized for Analytics and AI, a ThinkAgile cluster powers LCR’s predictive maintenance and vehicular cabin monitoring systems. It makes operations less prone to costly downtime for repairs—and operators less prone to accidents. Specialized cameras in LCR trucks, for example, continuously monitor drivers’ faces, sending a continuous stream of real-time data for analysis. If the software detects a driver who is tired or distracted, it instantly alerts a line manager to contact the driver, protecting road users as well as the supply chain. Very smart.


Leverage machine learning


Smarter yet: put AI to work. Lean on deep-learning solutions, as a new-energy-vehicles (NEV) manufacturer is doing, to accelerate innovation. Using Lenovo big-data platforms, this manufacturer improved battery-life forecast accuracy, creating a better customer experience through more intelligent predictive maintenance. Since battery life is one of the issues keeping car buyers from investing in electric vehicles, augmented intelligence helps drive customer confidence.


Empower everybody with timely intelligence


Increasingly, it’s at the retail end where supply chain intelligence delivers dividends—as Strauss Romania, the largest network of hotel, restaurant, and café vending machines in Romania, discovered. An always-on ThinkAgile system running their core SAP business applications gives management the tools to track each vending machine's status in real-time, so the business can dispatch a repairman when a machine breaks down. For caffeine-hungry customers, such intelligence saves the day.


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In Spain, better intelligence is helping satisfy a different kind of thirst. Our infrastructure has equipped AGORA Group, a David-sized group of breweries, to take on its Goliath-sized competition. The company runs its critical SAP enterprise application environment on the Lenovo-Nutanix hyperconverged solution, supported by SAP HANA. Teams now get the real-time stock and sales information to see precisely which AGORA Group brands are popular and anticipate when customers will most want a beer. By managing stock levels, planning marketing campaigns, and meeting sudden spikes in demand, they’ve helped AGORA go national.  


Disruption will forever dog supply chains. But with the right infrastructure, the smartest analytics, and the best minds in IT at your elbow, you can stay ten steps ahead of it.