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Revolutionizing milk production at every step of the journey

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In 2019, India was the world’s largest producer of milk. Yet throughout the country, the milk production process remains largely manual and non-digitized.  With help from Prompt Equipments, that’s changing. The company has devised a system to digitize and automate the arduous steps of milk collection to ensure transparency of the process and purity of the milk.

When it comes to producing milk on a large scale, milking the cows is only one part of the process. Along the entire value chain, the milk must be collected and stored properly to protect it from adulteration and deterioration. These challenges prove formidable in India, where rural farms abound and milk consumption is projected to steadily increase. 

Prompt Equipments Pvt Ltd, based in Ahmedabad, India, is tackling these roadblocks through innovation. The company is reinventing the way milk is collected and monitored, making it possible to view the  milk collection process data in the real-time from even the most remote locations. 

Impressively, the company has digitized key steps in the milk collection process to simplify the overall endeavor all while empowering farmers. It has developed upwards of 20 diverse software programs that manage each link in the procurement chain. From farm management and milk collection to quality analysis and preservation, Prompt Equipments has equipment, software and solutions to ensure that the purity of the milk is maintained at every stage. 


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Digitizing a process that has long  been manual and based in rural locales proved an immense feat for Prompt Equipments, which found an essential partner in Lenovo. Prompt Equipments sought ease-of-use, compatibility with their testing equipment, and — most importantly — durability and reliability. Dairy farms are bustling environments, and only the hardiest equipment can survive.

Over a six month period, Lenovo took a three-pronged approach. It began with testing various software configurations with the milk monitoring equipment to ensure the utmost levels of connectivity and compatibility with Lenovo desktops which were used to test various solutions. Following the testing phase, the rollout was rapidly deployed using a forecasting model for quicker turnaround. After installation, Lenovo remains on hand around-the-clock for support and troubleshooting.  


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The digitization starts on the farm. Farm365, a phone app that acts like a farmer’s best friend, provides “real-time actionable alerts” to improve feeding, breeding and the overall health of the animals, resulting in increased milk yield. From there, Prompt Equipments’s MilkEasy Milking Machine helps to eliminate the contamination that can happen in the traditional milking process, thereby minimizing the bacterial count as best as possible. The machine also milks the animals gently, which avoids any risk of injury to them. MilkoChill on the farm brings down the temperature of the milk, increasing the shelf life and reducing spoilage. 

But innovation doesn’t stop once the milk leaves the farm. With Prompt Equipments’s solutions, no longer must producers test their product manually -- a process that can lead to serious inaccuracies and error. With Prompt’s iSmart Milk Analyzer (India’s first smart and indigenous milk testing equipment), farmers and milk unions can automatically get a picture of the composition of their milk, from its density and added-water proportion to its percentage of FAT and SNF, which increases the transparency between farmers and milk unions. 

In 2019, India consumed more milk than any other country, drinking more than 77.7 million tons. With such widespread consumption, the process of milk production is now easier than ever, thanks to the innovations of Prompt Equipments.