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People find opportunities, flexibility in new workplaces

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Where do you get your best work done?

Is it from your bedroom? Is it in the office? Is it from the carpool lane at your kid’s school? Everybody has a different answer to that question, which has made us rethink how we support the human experience in the workplace (whatever that workplace may look like that day).


After a global pandemic turned the world upside down, we had to transform and adapt with a new, more integrated work-life balance. We suddenly had more choice of where we live and how we manage to fit our work into our lives (as opposed to the other way around). This shift has allowed our brightest minds to shine from anywhere in the world and unlocked new levels of opportunity and diversity for businesses everywhere.


Parents now have the flexibility to be the professionals they want to be and the parents they need to be. New graduates have the ability to pursue the jobs of their dreams without having to uproot their lives and relationships. People have the freedom to live wherever they want, however they want and still connect with their peers as they work to make the world a better place.


When everywhere became the office


The office for most went from a singular place to anywhere with an internet connection. Some of us stayed in place, others moved to places that were better fit for themselves and their families during uncertain times, and a few of us went on adventures and saw the world in ways we couldn’t when we were spending five days a week at the office.


As offices re-open, Lenovo has dedicated itself to creating a new kind of office space that lets everyone collaborate, no matter where their office is. Tools like Workspace Booking and Complete Conference Room Solutions help bridge the gap between remote and in-person experiences, enabling greater flexibility and better collaboration than ever before.


Technology experience is a big contributor to job satisfaction. In fact, people are 230% more engaged and 85% more likely to stay in their jobs beyond three years if they feel they have technology that supports the way they connect, communicate, and collaborate.*

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From the VP who decided to move their family to a ranch in the country to the new hire finally working from the city of their dreams, Lenovo is helping to break barriers and enabling people to live the lives they never thought they could.


Improving the human experience in the office and at home


of employees and 65% of IT employees say that whether or not they can work flexibly will impact if they will stay in their jobs.


Gartner (2021), "Future of Work Rivented, Returning to the Workplace Differently"


Human-centric work design, featuring flexible work experiences, can increase employee performance by as much as 54%. 



Workspace Booking

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We enable people to connect with the spaces and tools they need and manage their in-office schedule from almost any device. According to Global Workplace Analytics, employees operating with their preferred amount of remote working find 4.6 days of extra productivity a year.Source


Smart Collaboration


Lenovo’s Digital Workplace solutions have transformed the virtual meeting experience into a simple and interactive one-touch experience that connects your conference rooms to people around the world.


Digital Signage

Powered by L Squared


Digital signage can transform the way you communicate internally by using dynamic and curated content, which can lead to up to 25% higher employee productivitySource and engagement.


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* Harvard Business Review, “In a Hybrid World, Your Tech Defines Employee Experience,” February 2022