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Lenovo-NVIDIA Edge AI Solutions

Gain faster insights at the Edge

Gain faster insights at the Edge – make smarter, informed decisions with AI.

See how Lenovo and NVIDIA’s partnership is helping businesses’ Edge AI journeys

Edge AI for manufacturing

A Lenovo + NVIDIA eBook: Revolutionizing retail and restaurant operations with Edge AI

Discover the transformative potential of Edge AI for manufacturing.

Learn why Lenovo and NVIDIA can meet your Edge AI needs across all verticals.

Robotic package handling with Edge AI

A Lenovo NVIDIA eBook: an Edge AI revolution

An eBook on how Edge AI technology drives agility, intelligence, and sustainability in smart manufacturing, supply chain & transportation.
Man walking with tablet in a technical laboratory

Manufacturing excellence with Edge AI

Drive operational efficiency, optimize processes, and harness real-time data with edge technologies and AI applications.
Woman at coffee shop, with phone and laptop

Revolutionizing retail with Edge AI

An eBook on how edge-based AI technology enables the retail, restaurant, and quick-service restaurant (QSR) industries.
Solutions for retailers and restaurants

Solutions for retailers and restaurants

Transform customer experience and power operational efficiency with edge technologies and AI applications.
Overhead view of complex highway interchange

Transforming cities with Edge AI

Paving the way for an efficient future, building smart spaces and safer places.
Edge AI in a retail environment

Industry transformation driven by Edge AI

Edge AI technology is helping modern businesses from all industries overcome challenges and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
Edge AI in an industrial environment

Gaining an edge in every industry

Deliver value to all stakeholders with Edge computing and AI – the fastest-growing segment of enterprise technology.
Nature setting of water and rocks with fiber optic display

Transforming every industry through faster insights

Satisfy customers and streamline operations by taking AI to every aspect of business and customer satisfaction.

Lenovo and NVIDIA: Faster, smarter insights = better decisions

What is Edge Computing?

Charles Ferland, Lenovo VP and GM of Edge Computing, explains how Edge AI enables computation at the edge of networks, allowing quick action on data where it’s captured and informed decisions.

Accelerating Edge applications across industries

The Lenovo ThinkEdge portfolio with NVIDIA GPUs accelerates Edge AI for retail, manufacturing, and smart spaces.
IDC Partner Spotlight – Edge AI

IDC Partner Spotlight – Edge AI

Innovation begins at the Edge. Industries are transforming the way they create products, interact with customers, and improve operational efficiency.

Learn how Lenovo and NVIDIA accelerate Edge AI.
Discover the transformative potential of Edge AI for manufacturing.

Lenovo and NVIDIA driving retail engagement

Lenovo Live with DeepBrain AI

Learn how DeepBrain AI is using Lenovo and NVIDIA technology to create hyper-realistic AI models of real people.

Lenovo Live with Radius AI

Learn about Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Radius AI’s solutions for driving store insights and operational efficiencies.

Solution Brief – Radius AI

Solution Brief – Radius AI

Radius AI provides a proven retail AI solution generating actionable insights from lot-to-store and everywhere in between.

Solution Brief – DeepBrain

Solution Brief - DeepBrain AI

AI Humans provide cost-effective 24/7 service and are shown to increase the purchase and repurchase rates of the products they promote.

 Kroger customer story


Learn how Kroger reduces customer friction and stock losses at self-service checkouts with Everseen’s Visual AI™ platform enabled by Lenovo’s AI retail solutions, powerful Edge AI servers, and the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing AI Platform.

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Accelerate business insights at the Edge with the Lenovo ThinkEdge Portfolio

Learn which Lenovo ThinkEdge Products will power your retail needs.

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Gain faster insights at the edge – make smarter, informed decisions with AI.


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