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AI and Analytics for the Data-Centered.

AI and Analytics help the Data-Centered make smarter, faster decisions. Because when you bring structure and sense to your data, you uncover actionable insights that take you from data center to Data-Centered.

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Clarity is a competitive advantage

Our data management and analytics solutions, powered by Intel®, help you orchestrate the volume, variety, and velocity of your data, simply and securely. So you can:

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Find the value within

Make more informed business decisions, delight customers, and outpace competitors with industry-leading analytics that bring key insights into focus.

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Make sense of it all

Bring powerful AI and Analytics from the data center to the Edge to drive real value and business insights.

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Realize a faster ROI

When IT budgets are tight, faster implementation and faster insights mean faster time-to-value. And to us, that’s always time well-spent.

Answering big questions with powerful big data analytics

SAS and Lenovo partner to deliver rock solid infrastructure that supports cutting-edge resources and development environments to turn reams of big data into valuable insights.

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Solutions tailored to you

Peace of mind is a whole lot easier to find with solutions built for you and backed by industry-leading hardware, software, and security.

Powerful servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors are optimized, validated, and ready to work — in your data center, or on the Edge.

Advanced analytics

Do more with database analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning modeling.

Data orchestration

Effectively manage your workload with public, private, or hosted cloud services.

Data platforms

Work seamlessly with databases like SAP® HANA® or big data frameworks like Apache Hadoop.

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Storage that scales

Data is easiest to manage with enterprise-grade storage that's made for you. Our products adapt to your growing virtual environments, fit into your existing budget, and ensure your data is secure and ready whenever you need it.

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The path to

Journey through 5 steps that can take you from data management, to data mastery.

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Support from end to end

We’re here to make things simple and stress-free — from understanding your challenges and goals, to implementing and supporting solutions designed just for you.

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    Sit side-by-side with our experts to design a strategic plan that meets your unique needs and drives your business forward.

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    We create a detailed scheduled rollout plan and put your solution design into production, so you can stay focused on higher priorities.

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    Our team is always standing by to help, with customized options that meet your specific business and response-time goals.

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    With TruScale, we design all the IT hardware, software, and ongoing support you need in a single, subscription-based solution.

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