Satisfy your power requirements without taxing your power source with these economical, basic power units designed for Lenovo rack-mounted and tower servers.

  1. This unit has one low-voltage power input & supports up to six devices with a combined power requirement of up to 1500W at 100VAC to 1905W at 127VAC.

  2. This unit has one universal-voltage power input & supports up to seven devices with a combined power requirement of 1500W at 100VAC to 3600W at 240VAC.

  3. These modular, Front-End PDUs provide three single-phase output circuits (100-127VAC at 30A, 200-240VAC at 30A, 200-240VAC at 60A) from one single-phase input circuit.

  4. Take control of your rack environment by simplifying installation, consolidating line cords, & reducing the electrical infrastructure required to feed the rack.

  5. Designed power distribution efficiency with nine IEC-320 C19 receptacles on the front, three IEC-320 C13 on the rear panel, and individual breakers per load group.