ThinkAgile VX Series

ThinkAgile VX Series

ThinkAgile VX Series

Simplify IT and accelerate time-to-value

Modernize your infrastructure from inflexible, expensive, and difficult to maintain to an environment that provides scalability, high performance, and world-class reliability. Quickly and easily deploy a VMware vSAN™ based hyperconverged solution with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series. VX Series allows you to focus on building your business rather than building your infrastructure.

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ThinkAgile VX Series

    Simplify IT and accelerate time-to-value

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    Tested, qualified, proven

    Typically installing a new hyperconverged infrastructure is very much a do-it-yourself project. Customers must configure, test, debug, optimize, validate, etc., on their own. However, the ThinkAgile VX Series eliminates time and effort by completing those steps before it leaves the factory. The VX series arrives at your doorstep with everything you need to get started and with Lenovo professional services to do the installation and configuration for you.

    Lenovo ThinkAgile Series VX5520 Detail View of Ports

    Reliable and scalable

    A successful hyperconverged solution requires a reliable platform. The ThinkAgile VX Series integrates the world’s most reliable servers from Lenovo with VMware vSAN to provide a solid foundation for growing business.

    VX Series offers configuration flexibility to meet any use-case, and all systems are available in all-flash or hybrid configurations. Scaling compute or storage capacity is easy, you can start small, with as few as 3 nodes, and add more storage capacity to each node or add more nodes to scale performance and capacity.

    Lenovo ThinkAgile Series VX7520

    The ThinkAgile advantage

    ThinkAgile Advantage Services, included with your ThinkAgile VX, accelerates deployment for a faster time-to-value. And we’re here to go the distance. We’ll assign a single point of contact for you to put on speed dial for end-to-end support that includes hardware installation, onsite repair,and installation of all replacement parts.

    Plus, Lenovo’s comprehensive services portfolio spans the entire lifecycle of your Lenovo IT assets to meet specific business needs and response time targets with pre-established support levels.

    Lenovo ThinkAgile Series VX3320

    ThinkAgile VX certified nodes

    Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Certified Nodes eliminate basic issues that your IT team should never have had to worry about in the first place. With VX Certified Nodes you are guaranteed that all components of your hyperconverged solution are certified right down to the firmware on the drives and HBAs and you know that any firmware upgrades are not going break compliance. VX Certified Nodes include fully validated and integrated Lenovo hardware and firmware, certified with VMware vSAN. vSAN SW licenses can be obtained separately.

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    ThinkAgile VX Series Certified Nodes
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