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Your business is only as smart as your supply chain

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It’s more important than ever for organizations to be proactive instead of reactive. As the lynchpin of your business, a supply chain made smarter can help you manage disruption and propel growth.

Faster. Cheaper. Better.  To optimize your supply chain, as the old saying goes: pick two.  


If you picked faster and cheaper, you were in good company, but that isn’t enough anymore. With uncertainty and instability a part of life these days, supply chain managers and their IT allies improve supply chains from end-to-end. They need hardening against trade disputes and political upheavals. And insulation from natural disasters and cyber threats. Add fluctuating consumer tastes to that, and you’ve got a real challenge. 


If that weren’t enough, customers want ever-faster delivery, with fuller transparency into where items are sourced and how they will impact the planet.  


What’s a business to do? Build a supply chain that is speedy yet secure; cost-efficient yet reliable; resilient, yet sustainable. In a word: smarter.

Why trust us with the backbone of your business? 


Because we’ve honed our supply chain know-how on our own business. We’ve been implementing smarter technologies like AI, human-machine collaboration, digital-twin prototyping, IoT and edge computingrobust mobility and collaboration solutions, and blockchain in an effort to improve the way we produce and ship our devices—100 million per year to customers in over 180 markets. It takes 33 manufacturing facilities, over 2,000 suppliers, an uncompromising commitment to sustainable practices, and a lot of smarter technology to make that happen. 


And that’s why we’re confident we can help you improve yours 


We’re a living lab for the technology innovations we pioneer. Having pressure-tested every link in our chain, we can share what we’ve learned about reducing costs and boosting productivity. Your smarter supply chain can even unlock hidden value.  


Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers need to meet a welter of urgent needs, from predicting demand to ensuring supply. Smarter supply chain technology can help improve factory and warehouse efficiency, uncover potential customers, and keep the whole chain safe.Source Here’s what we mean:


In the harshest manufacturing environments across industry sectors, we’re keeping communications flowing between devices, operators, and the cloud with our portfolio of smart edge devices.


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In the automotive industry, we’re helping build and mine datasets that can locate potential customers. Our high performance computing is speeding up Dallara’s race car design, minimizing R&D costs and time by creating digital prototypes. For Hero MotoCorp’s motorbike production lines, we’ve customized infrastructure to reduce unplanned downtime due to power outages, preserving the memory in robotic arms so the line can resume right where it left off.


Steelmakers rely on our machine learning expertise, knowledge graph modeling, and robust data sets to improve forecast accuracy and to reduce inventory turnaround time by 20 percent.


Energy specialists like Schneider Electric are building a blueprint for best-in-class smart manufacturing solutions by combining our Industrial IoT solution with their own ‘EcoStruxure’ smart green manufacturing solution. Our AR/VR suite is helping Baker Hughes deploy its game-changing Phantom View extended reality software. It’s enabled them to redefine their remote operations management, training, collaboration, site walkthroughs, and more.


In transportationLenovo’s hyperconverged infrastructure services help distribution and delivery companies keep their operations running around the clock.

Shifting consumer demand and fluctuating stock can create last-mile challenges at retail, but Lenovo-Nutanix hyperconverged technology enables companies like Spanish brewer Agora get real-time data. Data that can make sure their beer is there to slake a sudden summer thirst or keep the most popular brews in stock.


No matter what industry you’re in, the ability to scale your infrastructure up and down instantly helps keep customers happy and margins healthy.


Making supply chains smarter can propel businesses. With support from their IT departments, intelligent supply chain solutions help companies manage disruption and provide them with another engine for growth. That’s technology we feel confident supplying. After all, it stiffens the backbone of our business, too.