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Lenovo Edge-AI solutions

The most powerful Edge-AI computing just got better

Lenovo’s new AMD-based ThinkEdge SE455 and Lenovo TruScale for Edge and AI set the new bar for performance & affordability.

The best performance, fastest insights, and reliable technology partner, all in one place.

Lenovo continues to drive the Edge computing market with new hardware and the latest innovations to drive your business forward.

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE455 V3, our new flagship Edge-optimized server, is ideal for large and demanding Edge-AI and Telco workloads, featuring new capabilities including best-in-class performance and built-in sustainability.

Lenovo TruScale AI at the Edge enables you to embark on an AI journey by providing a cost-effective solution that can be deployed quickly with a trusted partner. Our innovative TruScale offering provides transparency into your technology utilization, allowing you to pinpoint your infrastructure solution.

The next step in your Edge-AI journey starts here. Develop Edge-AI solutions by leveraging our proven, global partner ecosystem.

Front view of Lenovo ThinkEdge SE455 V3

Delivering powerful computing

Get fast insights at unmatched performance and speed.

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE455 V3

Our new flagship Edge-optimized server is ideal for large Edge-AI and Telco workloads. It features best-in-class performance and built-in sustainability.

Lenovo ThinkSystem & ThinkEdge servers with Alveo™ V70 accelerators

Lenovo ThinkSystem & ThinkEdge servers with Alveo™ V70 accelerators

Offering the most energy-efficient AI Inference card in the AMD portfolio, tuned for video analytics and natural language processing workloads.
Lenovo ThinkAgile HX

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX

It delivers the simplicity and freedom to harness the power of AI with flexibility, scalability and security for any workload from Edge to Cloud.
Front view of Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2

This Intel CPU-based server gets informative business data in harsh environments and offers connectivity options with wired and secure wireless Wi-Fi features.
Front view of Lenovo ThinkEdge SE350 V2

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE350 V2

Our latest storage-optimized server that supports modern HCI/hybrid cloud deployments. Its Intel CPU-based focuses on smart connectivity, security, and manageability.

Making Edge-AI easy with Lenovo TruScale

Only pay for what you use, a solution that scales to meet changing IT needs at the Edge.

The right byte for you

Subscribe to AI

Enjoy the advantages of the latest Lenovo ThinkEdge hardware and services through a pay-as-you-go model.
Metered solutions

Only pay for what you use

Lenovo's metering technology optimizes costs around infrastructure at the Edge.

A solution that grows at your pace

Easily scale without incremental capital investments, keeping you ready for peak business performance and growth. Monitor your server performance and cost with our NEW  Lenovo TruScale Hub.
Variety with purpose

Everything you need for AI at the Edge

TruScale for Edge and AI offers no-touch deployment, management, and hardware refresh fully managed by Lenovo, which reduces complexity and lowers costs.

A one-stop shop for AI

Lenovo is the first company of its kind to bundle everything you need to implement powerful AI tools into one subscription. Our AI Innovators connect you with powerful AI technology solutions supported by the most powerful Edge servers on the market.

Lenovo and Qualcomm

Lenovo and Qualcomm

Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 and SE450 Edge Servers with Qualcomm Cloud AI 100, a solution designed for AI inference acceleration.
Lenovo, Intel and C2RO

Lenovo, Intel and C2RO

An Edge AI solution for retail analysis to improve operational efficiency, targeted marketing campaigns, and in-store sales performance.
Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Fingermark

Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Fingermark

Redefining the drive-thru experience with an Edge AI solution that seamlessly merges cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.
Lenovo, AMD, and

Lenovo, AMD, and

Developed an HPC solution based on 16 Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 servers, each with two 64-core AMD EPYC™ processors that’ll deliver huge savings in efficiency to Norway’s large fish-farming industry.

Leveraging Edge computing across industries

Increasing businesses’ ability to operate across the vastness of Edge computing.

A school of fish in a blue sea

Grupo Pinsa: A better way to track the catch of the day

Propelled by Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 Edge servers, Latin America’s biggest tuna fishing fleet supports more efficient production and distribution planning thanks to their ability to track the day’s catch.
Neon lights forming a heart

Kroger: Shaping the self-checkout of tomorrow

Kroger increased customer satisfaction, stock losses at self-service checkouts with Everseen's Visual AI™ platform enabled by Lenovo's AI retail solutions, powerful Edge AI servers, and the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing AI Platform.
Red car going through a car wash

Sonny's Enterprises: Keeping car washes safe

Sonny's Enterprises uses Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 Edge computing devices, powered by NVIDIA, to enable a first-of-its-kind computer vision application that automatically detects risky conditions in car washes.

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