ThinkPad P16s Gen 2 (16, AMD)

ThinkPad P16s Gen 2 (16, AMD)

Workstation power on the go

  • Affordable workstation power meets work-from-anywhere portability
  • AMD Ryzen™ PRO processor with integrated AMD graphics
  • Heaps of super-fast memory & storage for seamless workloads
  • Vast array of ports, great connectivity, & large battery
  • Choice of superb hi-res displays, including touchscreen
  • ISV-certified, MIL-SPEC compliant, & ThinkShield secure

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ThinkPad P16s Gen 2 (16, AMD)
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Lenovo mobile workstation laptops

Take extreme power wherever you go with a durable and reliable ThinkPad P Series mobile workstation. The P series mobile workstations can handle anything that is thrown their way. Their MIL-SPEC durability allows them to survive most of the elements as well as a heavy workload.

The ThinkPad P series combine power and style in their sleek chassis with powerful electronics. The P series have the power to get through any workday from accounting and finance positions all the way to engineering roles that use Auto CAD and other high performance software.

Compromise? What compromise?

A workstation laptop may give some traditionalists pause. After all, how do you fit all the power that’s synonymous with a workstation PC into a portable workstation that’s not even ¼ the size of a traditional tower? Well, technology has come a long way, and so have our mobile workstations. Lenovo portable workstations are packed with only the latest and greatest tech from industry brands you trust: like immensely-powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, the latest Intel® Core™ and Intel® Xeon® workstation processors, brilliant 4k displays (available on select models or configurations), and don’t forget the massive storage and RAM capacities. Simply put, ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations are rugged powerhouses.

ThinkPad portable workstations are an amazing piece of technology they can handle everything the office can throw at them and then some. The specs for a mobile workstation will have you wondering how everything fits in there and the case remains as light and portable as a standard laptop.

Rugged portable workstations

P Series ThinkPad mobile workstations are built up to the legendary durability standards of all ThinkPad MIL-SPEC laptops – meaning you’ll be worry-free as you bounce between presentations, meetings, and everything in-between. These workstation laptops are built to be show-runners, so they’ve been designed to ensure the show doesn’t stop. Whether it’s that inevitable coffee spill or a plummet from a desktop, ThinkPad mobile workstations will keep on running.

Life can get messy that is an inevitability. Coffee is going to get spilled, laptops are going to fall, and even food is going to spill and get on your keyboard. Portable workstations are going to be able to work through all of that. They have the durability to be cleaned up and get right back to work after spills or if they have fallen off a desk top they can be picked up, dusted off, and get right back to work like nothing happened at all.

Do I need a workstation?

For some, a workstation laptop may be overkill, but for professionals working in the fields of design, medicine, engineering, or finance, the power of a workstation may be absolutely necessary. Workstations are powerful machines and for daily browsing might be too much, but if you have a demanding job and need a laptop that can handle that and handle gaming when you are ready to wind down from a long busy day at the office.

ThinkPad ISV certified and CAD ready workstation laptops, just like their desktop workstation counterparts, cover all the needs of the professionals mentioned above and so many more. ISV certification ensures software and hardware compatibility, stability, and reliability, so you can enjoy optimal performance. What’s more, Lenovo mobile workstations easily double as gaming workstations as their powerful graphics and overall capabilities – including VR-readiness – let you easily enjoy the latest PC games.

The best laptops for engineering students and professionals

Workstation laptops pack more power than your standard business laptop, and in order to handle the demanding needs of engineering applications commonly utilized by engineering students and professionals, you’ll want, and need, the additional power that comes from Intel Core i9 or Xeon processors and the additional memory capacity that ensures smoother multitasking. ThinkPad workstation laptops are one of the top choices for engineering users with the long-term reliability that comes with the ThinkPad name, and the power to perform under the constant strain of engineering apps.

Mobile workstations are the best laptops for engineering students and professionals. They can handle the high-performance software and programs that engineers use to get through their day to day. You can run CAD on portable workstations and not experience any slowdowns at all. You can get through all of your projects easily with time to spare and not have to worry about your machine lagging behind and causing mistakes in your work.

Mobile workstation deals

Looking to save a few bucks on all that power? You might just find what you need on our workstation deals page.Top of the line technology does not have to be expensive. You can stay up to date on the latest technology and have a top of the line mobile workstation for a fraction of the original price. At Lenovo, we pride ourselves on giving back to our loyal customers where we can, and that’s why we’ll regularly feature deep discounts on not only our last-gen overstock models, but on the newest 2022 workstation models as well! Check back regularly to see what workstations we currently have on clearance.

The Lenovo Advantage

Lenovo understands that the top of the line machines do not come at a low price but if you are part of certain groups you can get a percentage off at checkout. If you are a teacher looking for a more powerful machine, a first responder on the hunt for a laptop that can handle all the stress of your job, a doctor looking to have a computer that can handle all of your patient’s charts and information, or a student about to graduate and needing to upgrade to a better laptop than the one that carried you to your degree. When you get to check out you can confirm that you are part of these groups by going to and confirming your identity. You do not have to worry about getting unwanted emails from confirming your identity. will only send you marketing emails and promotional emails that you have explicitly signed up for and won’t send any emails that you don’t want.

These discounts are able to be combined with the point’s redemption from the MyLenovo Rewards program and even the VISA gift card that you are sent from using the Lenovo Trade In Program. The only promotions that are excluded from getting the extra percentage off are clearance items and anything on a very steep discount already. These discounts are Lenovo’s way of saying thank you to first responders, medical professionals, and teachers for everything you do for the community and a way to help students out on their purchases and succeed as they go out into the world.

Is workstation a portable computer?

So, is a workstation a portable computer? It depends on what type of workstation you need. If you need a powerful and portable computer, then a laptop workstation is a good choice. If you need a compact and easy-to-use workstation, then an all-in-one desktop model is a good option. A laptop workstation is a computer designed for professional use that is also portable. Laptop workstations usually have powerful processors and plenty of memory so that they can handle demanding tasks. They also tend to have large screens and full-sized keyboards, making them more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. All-in-one desktop workstations are another type of workstation. As the name suggests, these computers have all of their components built into the monitor. This makes them very compact and easy to set up. All-in-one workstations are a good choice for people who don't have a lot of space in their office or home.

What is a mobile workstation?

A mobile workstation is a portable computer that is designed for use in a professional environment. It is similar to a laptop, but usually has more powerful hardware and features that are specifically designed for users who need to do demanding work, such as video editing or graphic design. Mobile workstations often have large screens and high-end processors, making them ideal for users who need to be able to handle intensive tasks on the go. Mobile workstations are often more expensive than laptops because they have more powerful hardware. If you plan on using your mobile workstation for gaming or other resource-intensive tasks, make sure to get one with a powerful processor and plenty of RAM.

What is a workstation vs laptop?

A workstation is a desktop computer that stays in one place. A laptop is a portable computer that you can carry with you and use in different locations. Workstations are usually more powerful than laptops, and they're often used for tasks that require more processing power, such as video editing or graphic design. If you need a computer that you can take with you wherever you go, a laptop is probably your best bet. But if you need a computer that has the power to handle demanding tasks, a workstation is the way to go.

Which is the portable computer?

If you're looking for a portable computer, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you'll want to decide whether you want a laptop or a tablet. Laptops are typically more powerful and have more features than tablets, but they're also larger and heavier. Tablets are more convenient to carry around, but they may not have all the features of a full-fledged laptop. Once you've decided on the type of device, you'll need to consider its specs. A good portable computer should have a long battery life, so it can last through a workday or a long flight. It should also be lightweight and slim enough to fit easily into a backpack or briefcase. And finally, it should have enough storage to accommodate all your files and programs. When choosing a portable computer, it's important to find one that meets your needs and budget.

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