Multicolored streams of air flowing over a shadowy car


From wind-powered racecars to hydrogen-powered flight, Lenovo's helping the future of transit take wing.

Imagine a car powered by the wind, a plane that runs on liquid hydrogen, or a fully electric Formula One racecar. Engineers are already a step ahead of you: the future of transportation is being dreamed up and designed with support from Lenovo. Students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are working on innovations like flying vehicles and driverless racecars. Further west, members of Canadian engineering team, Chinook, are making cars that harness the power of wind. All these innovations may, one day, change the way we drive, fly, and travel. As people start to think beyond the personal, gas-powered car, Lenovo’s powerful technology gives the next generation of transportation engineers firepower to dream bigger and go off-road like never before.