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Working and learning are different now. More of us work and study at home rather than in the office or on campus. Whether it's remote collaboration tools and video meetings or online lectures and exams, we're all finding new ways to get things done. Make Lenovo your Work from Home/Learn from Home headquarters. Plus, with free shipping on everything, we're your Shop from Home HQ, too!

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Being a student is hard enough on campus or in a classroom. It's twice as hard to learn at home unless you've got the right tools.
Lenovo sources tablets of all sizes, untethering of students from classrooms and allowing them to learn from home.

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Students, Teachers, Military, and Seniors 50+ are eligible for an additional discount on your order.

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Working from home – and learning from home – with Lenovo

Lenovo has the technology you need to work productively at home, whether it’s for your job or to keep up with your studies. We’ve collected it all here on this page—from laptops and desktop PCs to the little accessories and upgrades that can make such a difference. If you’re working from home or taking classes online, Lenovo can help.

Of course, it takes more than great technology to keep up with your tasks. You need the right habits and mental approach, too. Keep reading for some tips to get the most from at-home study and work time.

Whether your home office is where you go to work or learn, your success depends in large part on the tools you use. Maybe a new laptop or desktop PC to run more apps at once, or extra storage or memory to enhance what you're using now. Or maybe a tablet to jot down notes during team meetings or to check in to classes while you’re on-the-go.

And what about the operating system driving those devices? The top choice of both remote workers and distance learners is Windows 10.

Windows 10 offers a variety of powerful tools to help you be more productive, whether you take care of business on a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet. Features of Windows 10 include improved multitasking, lighting fast speed and advanced security. The Windows Store boasts thousands of apps to help you improve efficiency, and when you need a break, Windows 10 includes a host of features to enhance gaming. In addition, Windows 10 offers you the choice of when and how to get the latest updates to keep your device running smoothly and securely, and the latest version of the Edge browser includes a host of productivity features, including enhancements to its handling of multiple profiles to help keep your work, home and school lives separate.

There’s no doubt about it: Windows 10 pushes the envelope of what’s possible with your home office.

Tips for working from home

What do you need to make your home office more productive? How about a mic-enabled headset to replace your worn earbuds? Or a high-resolution monitor to put your work in sharper focus? A bigger desk? A better chair? Lenovo has it all.

It's not just equipment. Successful work-from-homers have lots of tips for getting more from your day:

With the right approach—and the right tools—working from home can be as productive as working at the office.

Want to know even more about how to work from home? Review our Lenovo FAQ that includes tips for how to get started working from home and additional product recommendations, like the best work from home laptop & essential accessories you’ll need for your home office.

Tips for learning at home

Lectures. Research. Writing. Exams. There's a lot to being a student today, both college and high school. Now there's a new layer: Doing it all from your home or apartment. Fortunately, Lenovo has tools to help, from headsets and mice to monitors and printers to work desks and chairs. Not to mention the latest laptops and desktop PCs – or upgrades to storage, memory, etc.

Beyond the technology, however, there are a number of ways to make at-home studies more effective:

You see? With the proper tools and the right techniques, classroom study and home-based learning can produce equally good results.

Want to know even more about remote learning? Review our Lenovo FAQ that includes recommendations on the technology you’ll need for remote learning, like the best student laptops & essential accessories you’ll need for your home learning environment. In the Lenovo FAQ, you’ll also find more general recommendations on how to succeed in your remote learning efforts.