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Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Lenovo Asset Recovery Services is a sustainability service that helps mitigate the environmental and data security risks associated with end-of-life asset disposal all while maximizing the value of those assets.

Minimizing e-waste through secure lifecycle management

Lenovo Asset Recovery Service offers a single-source solution for the secure, documented disposal of IT hardware of any brand and data, that can be customized to address the unique needs of your organization worldwide.

  • Compliant
    Lenovo provides all legal documentation and certificates associated with proper data destruction and environmental processing.
  • Socially responsible
    End-to-end sustainable, secure asset disposal of all less efficient and outdated hardware.
  • Cost-effective
    ARS can offset some of the costs of your technology refresh and simplify the transition from old to new.

Lenovo Asset Recovery Services

See how organizations get the most out of end-of-life assets and value recovery.

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Lenovo Value Recovery

Lenovo Value Recovery

Reduce e-waste and enable the purchase of refurbished and recertified enterprise hardware.

Recycle IT assets in an environmentally conscious way, reuse parts, and refurbish devices to keep resources circulating.

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Asset Recovery Services brochure

Asset Recovery Services

See how Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services and how it can help you take charge of your product life cycle.
Give your old technology a new life with Asset Recovery

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Smarter breathes new life into the IT lifecycle

Your end-of-life IT hardware and the circular economy

Lenovo Asset Recovery Services - a simple and effective solution to a growing e-waste problem.

Need to get rid of old Hardware?

Contact us today and an expert will provide you with a value assessment for your end-of-life IT assets.

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