What is Android Jelly Bean?

Android Jelly Bean 4.2 is the latest version of the Android operating system, the most widely-used mobile operating system in the world. Jelly Bean 4.2 will be available on most new Android devices. In addition, many current Android devices are able to upgrade to Jelly Bean.

What are some unique features or improvements in Android Jelly Bean?

Improved lock-screen function

One of the many interesting new features of the new Android operating system is the improved lock-screen function. It allows you to choose which screen functions as your lock screen, and also which screen you open to out of your lock screen. Once unlocked, the new Android Jelly Bean lock screen lets you proceed directly to one of three suites: your home screen, Google Now or your camera. You can also tap the widget for any app from your lock screen-you also select which widgets are displayed-and once you unlock the screen, you can go straight to the app.

Gesture-typing keyboard

With the gesture-typing feature, users trace a path across the touchscreen keyboard. When your thumb comes to rest on a certain key or changes course, the letter is typed. This improves the speed and efficiency with which users can type on their phones.

New clock app with a world clock

Android performed a complete overhaul of its clock display for Android Jelly Bean. Right from the clock app-or the lock screen, if you choose-you can choose to have the time from any city in the entire world displayed. You can also choose the time to be displayed in either analog or digital. New timer capabilities allow users to run multiple timers at once, set a predetermined start time and categorize the timers under different categories.

New controls for zooming in, panning wide and focusing on specific areas of the screen

You can zoom in on any screen by simply tapping the screen three times in quick succession. With your fingers, you can make the screen zoom out, too. If you want, you can even select which specific area of the screen you wish to focus on.

Ability to incorporate multiple user accounts for one tablet

Up to eight separate accounts can register on one tablet that runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2. This feature is especially useful for families that use one tablet for separate things throughout the day or for people who wish to organize their tablets into different suites. For instance, one account could be used primarily for watching movies and playing games while another could be used for graphic design. A third account could be devoted to paying bills and managing personal and home accounts. These features are just a few highlights of a vastly upgraded Android operating system. Android Jelly Bean 4.2 also allows for Bluetooth-enabled joystick gaming and offers a redesigned camera interface and new photograph editing features, among others.

What Lenovo devices run Android Jelly Bean?

The Lenovo YOGA Tablet Series and the affordable A Series both offer a variety of Android tablets to suit any needs. Explore today to find the best Android tablet for you.

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