Riders taking tight turn close to track
Riders taking tight turn close to track

As the title partner for the Ducati Lenovo Corse racing team, Lenovo IT solutions are going to places they have never been before—such as 19 Grands Prix motorcycle racing tracks across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia.

Ducati Corse, long a leader in motorcycle innovation, knows that the faster the computing power, the faster, sleeker, and safer the bike. Lenovo is proud to be with Ducati Corse through all the twists and turns of every MotoGP, as well as part of the fourth Industrial Revolution for motorcycle racing.

Sitting on motorbike


While the real action happens on the track where riders can clock speeds of up to 240 km/h (150 mph), Lenovo know-how helps Ducati Corse to optimize each performance. By harnessing data quickly, the team can get their riders into pole position and then first past the checkered flag.

With its various onboard sensors, Ducati Corse bikes have morphed into the Internet of Things on wheels. They collect and provide gigabytes of information on everything from gear changes to the stickiness of the track. And with the right technology, this intel helps to propel the rider to the podium.

Front View Motorcycle Taking Tight Turn

On-track support

Technology can never replace the skill and physical prowess of an elite rider–but it can be the difference between first and also–ran. On race days, Ducati Corse use ThinkPad P1 mobile workstations to glean information from their bikes’ sensors to give them the edge.

With every millisecond counting, by quickly analyzing things, like the optimal lean angle and speed for a treacherous curve, Ducati Corse can make more meaningful real-time decisions. Ones that impact their performance on the track, as well as thrill their fans around the globe.

Crew watching race

Off-track support

The Ducati Corse-Lenovo partnership don’t just end at the finish line. With a Lenovo high performance computing cluster back at HQ, the team can run complex aerodynamics simulations—and get the results in hours rather than days.

The benefits of optimizing this data, along with other post-race performance analysis, can be found in Ducati bikes available to the general public. So everyday riders can enjoy the same levels of precision engineering on highways, country roads, and cobblestone avenues across the world.