Lenovo Connected Home Security

Always-on security for your personal data.

Added protection for your home network, smart devices and your family


Monitors the security of your home networks and smart devices

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Verifies that all of your family’s personal devices connected to your WiFi network have not been compromised


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As hot new gadgets seek to make your home smarter and more efficient, and your family members are using computers, laptops and mobile phones for every day life, it’s still up to you to learn how to better protect your family devices, home network and connected devices throughout your smart home. Devices that are connected to the Internet through your home WiFi networks have the potential to be hacked, which can lead to data and identity theft, financial loss, and privacy invasion.

Protect your home network and your family

Lenovo Connected Home Security helps protect Wi-Fi connected devices in your home against cyberattacks - including game consoles, smart TVs, and appliances. Your internet-connected devices — desktops, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, security cameras, smart locks, gaming consoles, smart thermostats , baby monitoring and even health monitoring — can add a level of convenience to your life, but they can also make your home and connected devices vulnerable. That’s why it’s important to have a defense plan for monitoring your smart devices.

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With Lenovo Connected Home Security, your home Wi-Fi network and your Wi-Fi -connected devices can be monitored from the Connected Home Security online console. The security posture of your smart home is then continuously monitored and re-evaluated. If suspicious activity is detected putting your personal data in danger or if one of your monitored devices becomes vulnerable, your Lenovo Connected Home Security instantly alerts you. We alert you of suspicious activity that could lead to fraud attempts, stealing sensitive personal data such as passwords, credit cards or bank information, as well as sabotaging your home and family devices.

Using light software agents on your family laptops and smartphones, Lenovo Connected Home Security scans your home Wi-Fi networks and the various device connections to them, runs security checks on these personal devices and even scans the networks outside of your home that connect your laptops and smartphones. Lenovo Connected Home Security applies multiple layers of security analysis that search for system exploits, brute force attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks that are typically used by hackers to compromise the security and safety of your home and family.

As long as you have at least one device connected to your Wi-Fi network that is installed with the Lenovo Connected Home lightweight application, or with Lenovo Vantage, Lenovo Connected Home Security will extend to all of your in-network activities, thus it is able to monitor all devices that are connected to that network.

If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks at home, then you will need to have a device with Lenovo Connected Home lightweight application or Lenovo Vantage, running on each network to be able to scan and monitor all network activity.

Lenovo Connected Home Security employs patented machine-learning algorithms and intrusion detection systems that are typically used by businesses that use the Lenovo Security Console. The set of algorithms is used in order to pick up new threats and unsafe behavior on your network-connected devices to detect potential vulnerabilities within your smart home network. In particular, we use the Lenovo Connected Home lightweight application, or Lenovo Vantage, to scan the networks to which your personal and IoT devices connect, in order to learn their normal behavior. Once Connected Home Security observes abnormal traffic through its anomaly detection engine, it immediately issues a security alert.

Lenovo Connected Home Security uses the light application you download from the app store that is included in Connected Home Security to identify and evaluate the security posture of those desktops, laptops and smartphones on which you have installed the Lenovo Connected Home light application, as well as to identify threats on the networks to which they connect, inside and outside of your home. Lenovo Connected Home Security uses industry best practices to identify and immediately alert you of any risks and threats detected.

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