Greener data, healthier planet

How innovative liquid cooling technology keeps data center emissions in check and offers a sustainable path to a healthier planet.

Formula 1®

Together, Lenovo and Formula 1® will push the limits of technology to help shape a faster, smarter, and more sustainable future.

Supercomputing saves lives

Supercomputers can propel the advance of medical research faster than ever before. And finding cures faster means longer, richer lives for patients and their families.

Accelerating life-saving missions
Lenovo’s edge servers are rugged enough for unforgiving environments and compact enough for use just about anywhere. Here’s how that helps medics confronting a humanitarian crisis.
A seated young black girl in a pink and red tank top and red-accented headphones looks downward with a serious expression
Esports ease senior loneliness
Growing older doesn’t mean growing lonelier. How the Silver Snipers embrace new challenges and shatter expectations.
Expanded opportunities for all
Lenovo Workplace Solutions are helping employees work where they want to and live where they want to. This shift allows our brightest minds to shine from anywhere in the world and unlocks new levels of opportunity.
A bearded, dark-haired person holds a cup of coffee as he talks during a video call on his laptop, which sits on a wood table with red and white fabric coverings.
The vision is yours. Get there with Lenovo TruScale.
Fast-track your vision of the future with a bold, everything-as-a-service solution for enhancing your power, flexibility, and scale—and giving your workers the tools they need to thrive with you.
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