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Lenovo AI solutions

Reach next-level results with Artificial Intelligence solutions from Lenovo

Leverage over 150 AI-ready solutions, the industry's most comprehensive AI-optimized infrastructure, and access to AI experts, and workshops.

Adopt AI faster with Lenovo solutions, optimized infrastructure, and proven results.

Improve business decision-making using the latest AI technologies.

Lenovo invests in AI technology to ensure organizations can build virtual worlds, leverage machine learning, and artificial intelligence in real-world scenarios.

  • Lenovo AI Innovative Solutions: Lenovo and its AI Innovators partner ecosystem enable you to find tailored solutions for your end-to-end operations, including computer vision, audio recognition, prediction, security, and virtual assistants for every industry, including retail, manufacturing, smart cities, and others. Explore over 150 AI-ready solutions from 45 partners.
  • Lenovo AI Optimized Infrastructure: These purpose-built infrastructure solutions provide an energy-efficient, high-performance Edge-to-Cloud computing platform to address any AI workload challenge. Leverage the industry's most comprehensive AI-optimized portfolio to solve your AI initiatives.
  • Lenovo AI Discover Center of Excellence: Our AI Discover COE provides the technical knowledge to develop an optimized solutions that enable you to extract valuable business insights from your data quickly, responsibly, and ethically. Adopt AI faster with access to AI experts, workshops, and best practices.

Lenovo expands AI-ready solutions through partnerships

Deploy AI faster and more confidently using over 150 AI-ready solutions from Lenovo's AI Innovators Program.

City view with people and wait times superimposed

Lenovo AI helps regulate crowd traffic

Lenovo, Intel, and WaitTime developed an AI solution using WaitTime’s real-time AI software that uses state-of-the-art imaging techniques to monitor and engage with crowds.
Lenovo AI enables efficient manufacturing

Lenovo AI enables efficient manufacturing

Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Graymatics offer an AI-based solution that detects workplace hazards such as accidents, defective machinery, and fire.

Customer using a smartphone at a kiosk.

Lenovo AI virtual assistant for customer service

Lenovo, NVIDIA, and Deepbrain offer an AI solution for customer service using an AI/human solution that creates a virtual employee that can serve customers within an AI-powered kiosk.
Lenovo AI reduces unplanned downtime

Lenovo AI reduces unplanned downtime

Lenovo, Intel, and Guise AI provide state-of-the-art Edge solutions, enabling reduced unplanned downtime with up to 14 days of advanced prediction.

Lenovo AI delivers faster, more accurate simulations

Lenovo AI delivers faster, more accurate simulations

Lenovo, Intel, and byteLake developed an innovative AI-assisted Visual Inspections Solution to deliver smarter what-if scenarios, with up to 93% accuracy of predictions.
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Workers in automated, industrial setting.

Lenovo AI monitors waste and anomaly detection

Lenovo, Intel, and Smartia offer anomaly detection and waste reduction in manufacturing solutions that typically return at least a 10-fold return on investment through cost savings.

Lenovo extends its most comprehensive AI portfolio with new Edge to Cloud server platforms - AI Everywhere

Lenovo extends its Edge to Cloud AI infrastructure portfolio to 70 AI-ready products, including new Lenovo ThinkEdge and ThinkSystem platforms, unlocking global data intelligence across factory floors, commercial kitchens, nurses’ stations, and beyond.

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2

NEW Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2

This Intel-based server reduces the challenges of getting fast, informative business data in challenging environments. It can be remotely activated, managed, and unlocked in case of tampering.
Lenovo ThinkEdge SE350 V2

NEW Lenovo ThinkEdge SE350 V2

The SE350 V2 is an Intel-based system that consolidates IT and OT applications. Also, it virtualizes Edge computing, providing powerful processing power, and networking features.
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3

NEW Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3

The SR675 V3 supports computationally demanding workloads. This AMD-based AI-optimized GPU-dense server is one of Lenovo’s flagship AI training platforms.
ThinkSystem SD665-N V3

New Lenovo ThinkSystem SD665-N V3 high-density server

This HPC and AI-optimized system delivers extreme performance in a dense package - ideal for complex HPC simulations and AI training workloads

Lenovo and Blue Sky help shape the future of the metaverse

Lenovo AI experts within the COE worked with Blue Sky software engineers to help discover what's possible as they help shape the future of the metaverse- creating human-centered innovation.

Lenovo enables discovering AI with proven expertise

Discover how you can gain a competitive advantage by quickly unlocking data insights with AI, creating more business value ethically and responsibly.

Lenovo AI workshops for genitive AI and Computer Vision

Lenovo AI workshops for generative AI and Computer Vision

Lenovo offers AI assessment workshops for generative AI and Computer Vision, focused on supporting teams on their Artificial Intelligence journeys to establish best practices, scaling, and other enhancements.
Lenovo AI promotes Responsible AI

Lenovo AI promotes Responsible AI

Lenovo AI Discover COE establishes a responsible AI committee that sets standards for the industry regarding the ethics of Artificial Intelligence.
Lenovo AI technical expertise

Lenovo AI technical expertise

Lenovo AI Discover includes technical engineers, partners, and data scientists who can optimize your AI codes. Use our expertise and run your AI models faster and more efficiently.

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