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Enterprise Applications | Lenovo

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Equip your business to manage its explosive data growth. Lenovo offers several leading software applications to manage and extract critical business insights from your data.


Run your business better

Application software helps organizations efficiently run their businesses. Lenovo complements that software with reliable and high-performance hardware systems and services expertise to help you successfully integrate innovative IT infrastructure with your operations and improve your overall business.

Artificial Intelligence

From advancing research and discovery to accelerating business decisions and insights, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in solving some of humanity's greatest challenges. We're here to help you make the most of it all.

LiCO for AI

Lenovo intelligent Computing Orchestrator (LiCO) software stack simplifies AI deployment in an enterprise environment. Scale out your machine and deep learning on NVIDIA GPUs and Intel architectures with a distributive cluster and an intuitive interface for managing AI workloads.

IBM® Watson® Studio Local

A collaborative environment for data scientists and data engineers. IBM Watson Studio Local helps enterprises speed data exploration, model development and training, and scale data science operations across the lifecycle.

Big data & analytics

We offer high performance and cost-effective data management and analytics that will help your business thrive.


Harness rapid technology growth to collect rising amounts of data, extract insights and support high rate online transactions.

Microsoft® SQL Server®

A relational database management system that can be used in both data warehouse and transactional database use cases. Lenovo offers a wide range of SQL Server solutions that improve time to value, optimize performance, and scale as your business grows.

IBM Db2®

A relational database that drives data insights from both structured and unstructured data on premises as well as in private and public cloud environments. Db2 is built on an intelligent common SQL engine designed for scalability and flexibility.

Data orchestration

Harness rapid technology growth to collect rising amounts of data, extract insights and support high rate online transactions.

Lenovo Intelligent Insights with SAP Data Hub

All-in-one data orchestration solution that discovers, refines, and governs any type of data across your entire distributed data landscape. Lenovo Intelligent Insights rapidly delivers trustworthy data to the right users with the right context at the right time.



NC State University analyzes effects of climate change with Lenovo and AI

Researchers are leveraging innovative Geospatial Image Analysis and the Lenovo AI Innovation Center to preemptively identify agricultural areas that will be affected by flooding or droughts.
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Accelerate AI deployment


Accelerate AI deployment

Lenovo introduces tools to accelerate Artificial Intelligence deployment and development for enterprise and HPC implementations.


Lenovo Intelligent Insights with SAP Data Hub

What do airports and Lenovo’s new data orchestration solution have in common? Watch this video and find out!
Cabot Partners: TVO of Lenovo Engineered Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

White Paper

Cabot Partners: TVO of Lenovo Engineered Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server

Understand how Lenovo Engineered Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server enable quicker deployments, faster time to value, and higher revenues/profits.


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