Lenovo Systems
High Performance Networking for Virtualization & Cloud

Select from a wide range of high-performance networking options including Ethernet and converged networking, Fibre Channel networking, and InfiniBand networking.

  1. mkt-list-blades-flex-system-networking-ethernet-adapters

    High-Performance Switches & Adapters.
    Highly flexible products that fit into your existing network scale, on demand, to meet future IT needs.

  2. Lenovo Flex System Fibre Channel

    Dominant Choice for Storage Connectivity.
    Ranges from low-cost 8Gb solutions to highly scalable 16Gb switches for maximum performance & seamless connectivity with your SAN environment.

  3. Low Latency & High Bandwidth.
    Products with Quad Data Rate (QDR) & Fourteen Data Rate (FDR) capabilities, ideal for high performance computing & financial trading environments.