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AI Advisory and Professional Services

Everything You Need to Expedite Your AI Vision


Leveraging AI companywide at a pace that works for your people and systems can be a long, complex journey. Lenovo's new Advisory and Professional Services for Al brings together the smartest business advisors, top data scientists, and our well-establish Al-optimized infrastructure to make it easy. With the entire AI technology ecosystem and integrated guidance every step of the way, you’ll be running AI workloads quickly, securely, and efficiently in no time.

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Embrace the Full Potential of AI

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Create Real Value with AI

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De-risk Your Journey to AI

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Safeguard Your AI Investment

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Ensure Ethical AI Use

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Bringing your AI vision to Life

Our approach is built around helping your organization where it is today and getting you where you want to be. Engage our AI experts at any stage and we will guide you through the implementation of a customized, secure, and scalable AI system that achieves your business goals.

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AI Discover 

Knowing where to start with AI can often be the biggest hurdle in implementing new and innovative technology in your business. Lenovo can help you bridge that gap with an AI Discover session.

Our AI experts, engineers, partners like NVIDIA, and data scientists will dig into your business goals to develop tangible outcomes and help you identify cases where AI can create value for your organization.

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AI Advisory  

To determine your AI readiness, we assess your technology, people, processes, and security to build a customized plan, roadmap, and value case that addresses your unique business needs.

Based on your unique needs and desired outcomes, your consultant will connect you with the right AI software to meet your goals. Select from more than 150 solutions in our AI Innovators Program. All these solutions are optimized for Lenovo hardware and validated for enterprise quality and security.

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AI Fast Start

Design and build critical AI elements to showcase outcomes that support AI at any scale — from edge servers to high performance computing deployments.

Move from Proof of Concept to production with our expert team doing the groundwork. Lenovo delivers you a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is then rapidly launched so we can evaluate your initial AI solution and determine how best to scale it going forward. No never-ending POCs or siloed use cases, just progress at the speed of business.

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AI Deploy & Scale

Having a single point of contact and integrated support across strategic expertise, hardware, and software makes the implementation of your custom AI system seamless.

TruScale, Lenovo’s flexible IT infrastructure-as-a-service and device-as-a-service offerings, reduce your upfront costs so you can deploy AI and scale with ease.

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AI Managed 

AI solutions must be updated frequently to support the latest tools, applications, and best practices for security and ethics.

Lenovo supports you with access to everything you need to own, run, and optimize your growing AI workload. Lenovo’s experts handle the complexity of managing AI systems and serve as a catalyst to help you scale out your new solutions across your organization.  

Achieve Sustainable AI Faster

Whether you’re stuck on never-ending and costly POCs, are ready to scale but lack capacity or simply don’t know where to begin, Lenovo Advisory and Professional Services for AI can help.

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Remove Cost Barriers to Entry

Get the infrastructure you need to run AI without the huge upfront costs. TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service offers a low-risk, pay as you go model.

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Fast Track Your Progress

Scale quickly with Al-ready infrastructure, the right software solutions, and the managed services to run it all efficiently.

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Safeguard Your AI Investment

Confidently place AI at the center of your future knowing your business, data, and ESG goals are always protected and evolving with new rules.

Lenovo AI Innovators Partner Ecosystem

Our partnerships bring AI-ready solutions built for your business.

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Peak Analytics Keeps Supplies Moving

Identifying problem inventory in real time using an AI and image recognition solution.

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Chooch Offers AI Vision Solutions in Healthcare

Transforming remote patient monitoring with AI vision capabilities.

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Fingermark AI Solution Redefines Drive-thrus

Improving quick-service restaurants’ operational efficiency with AI and computer vision.  

Lenovo Powers Lenovo: Our Digital Transformation Journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

All our engagements start with an AI Discover Workshop in which we assess your readiness across security-people-process-technology. Your blueprint and unique AI outcomes will depend on this readiness assessment.


Following an AI Discover Workshop in which we assess organizations based on our unique security-people-process-technology approach to AI readiness, our data science team will recommend the right solution for your business. If connecting with GenAI applications, we leverage Lenovo’s AI Innovators network of 50+ ISV partners to provide customers with cutting-edge GenAI solutions optimized to run on Lenovo infrastructure hardware. Our salespeople will connect you with a variety of solution options from these ISVs across several verticals.

NVIDIA are a key joint partner in this offering and our customers benefit from the full, best-in-class NVIDIA AI Stack, including AI models and services, AI platform software such as NVIDIA Enterprise AI and accelerated infrastructure from NVIDIA-Certified Lenovo systems such as our ThinkEdge systems.

Lenovo TruScale ensures your infrastructure is always the right size. Once you have completed an AI Discover Workshop and been assessed across our unique security-people-process-technology approach to AI readiness, we will select and design a plan for your GenAI solution goals. From here, TruScale offers lifetime managed services from Lenovo with the flexibility to scale your solutions while creating consistent AI experiences for both employees and customers alike – all while you conveniently only pay for what you use.

Lenovo avoids costly consultations and works with you to identify your vision at speed. We supplement your IT personnel with dedicated technical experts in the GenAI space who will help you select, deploy, manage and scale GenAI solutions in a fluid motion. Lenovo delivers a functional and scalable GenAI infrastructure through single configurable solutions that provide predictable, regular fees and ongoing operational management and support so your teams can focus on business-level innovation.

GenAI is never a one-size-fits-all kind of solution but Lenovo’s ‘Minimum Viable Product’ approach enables us to rapidly execute a proof of concept in production within 2-3 months. Whilst the final package and timelines of GenAI solutions and services can vary greatly in size and scope, Lenovo promises that our unique AI Readiness Assessment across your people, processes, technology and security is hyper-focused on deploying GenAI at speed and in a way that makes sense for your organization. You can trust in our proven experience of managing global data estates.

Lenovo is trusted by customers worldwide to manage their endpoints and ensure data security. We are ISO 27001-certified, secure by design and maintain a Trusted Supplier Program to ensure all our partners meet our own high standards for security and to ensure the reliability and safety of your GenAI solutions. We build from our own extensive experience running GenAI solutions on ourselves – GenAI fuels our own operations innovation, such as Lenovo’s GenAI powered supply chain transformation.

Our established standards for responsible GenAI ensure that your solutions are being used as intended and give you the peace of mind that your generative solutions are not acting beyond your intended application. Our solutions are backed by Lenovo’s AI Center of Excellence, our AI Responsibility Committee and most stringent security standards.

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