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Lenovo Vantage for Gaming

Vantage makes it easy to manage your device settings, improve performance, and enhance your PC-no matter how you use it.


Take your gaming to the next level with Lenovo Vantage for Gaming

Graphics power when you need it

Hardware overclocking

RGB lighting customization

Exclusive to Legion PCs

Legion Edge automates system performance tuning so you'll spend less time tweaking your settings, and more time playing. Experience extended battery life with Hybrid Mode, overclocking support for CPU and RAM, full RBG lighting controls, real-time device performance monitoring, and more - all in one app.

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Spend more time gaming with Vantage

Legion Edge’s Hybrid Mode automatically switches between graphics modes. Dedicated graphics cards are designed for gaming, but they’re overkill for everyday activities like taking notes in class. In those cases, when battery life is more important, Hybrid Mode switches to integrated graphics. Get the best of both worlds—top performance when you need it, and extended battery life when you don’t.




Boost your PC gaming performance

Take your frame rate through the roof with advanced overclocking features. Enable overclocking for your CPU and memory, then forget about game lag forever.




Personalize your PC

With millions of RGB colors to choose from, you can personalize your rig as you see fit—show off when you want to, blend in when you don’t. And it’s never been easier to play in the dark.




Optimize for your gaming needs

Lenovo Vantage for Gaming makes it easy to get more out of your Legion PC by enabling you to personalize your settings and optimize your system’s performance—quickly and seamlessly.




Legion Game Store

Want to get great deals on new releases, classic titles, indie games, and more? Look no further than the all-new Legion Game Store where you can get access to exclusive discounts, and take advantage of weekly sales.*


*Legion Game Store is only available in the United States

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