Lenovo Update Retriever

Quickly build device update repositories for diverse environments.

Who needs Update Retriever most?

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Organizations managing multiple device models and operating systems

Update Retriever

IT teams looking for time to focus on more innovation, less operations

Update Retriever helps IT streamline the process of finding and downloading specific device updates and building targeted repositories on local networks or in the cloud. Constructing secure update repositories is a critical step in maintaining endpoint security and readiness. Lenovo Update Retriever brings automation and intelligence to this important task.

How does IT get started?
  • IT installs Update Retriever from Lenovo.com
  • IT uses Update Retriever to query by OS and machine type pairs
  • Updates are located and downloaded to local file or network share
  • At the endpoint, either Lenovo Thin Installer, Lenovo System Update, or Lenovo Vantage for Commercial is used to install the updates
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How does Update Retriever compare to other Lenovo Deployment Solutions?

Lenovo Update Retriever is a utility used to quickly find multiple updates for multiple Lenovo devices. These results are then used to create update repositories.

End-users (and/or IT) use Lenovo’s Vantage for Commercial, System Update, or Thin Installer to download updates from the repositories created by Update Retriever.

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Start using Update Retriever today
Keeping endpoints updated gets exponentially harder with each new device added to the environment. IT needs the confidence to quickly target specific updates.