Thin Installer

Push updates to end-users' PCs with minimal interruption.

Intelligently target and automate the installation of content

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Minimize client-side footprint: Thin Installer can be set to automatically search and install update packages from preset file repositories on your network.

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Ideal for use in scripted environments: with a minimalist user interface, Thin Installer can simply be copied to the target device via command line or configuration file.

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Integrate into your OS deployment process: Thin Installer uses command-line options in your SCCM task sequences

Thin Installer works with Update Retriever to pull drivers, software, and system updates from the cloud or a customized update repository on your network.

How it works

Lenovo Thin Installer saves IT time by eliminating the need to repackage updates to achieve automation. Thin Installer can be leveraged by common software distribution solutions such as SCCM to silently install updates in a targeted fashion. By providing control over the user’s experience with updates, IT can provide a better experience while achieving full compliance faster.

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How does IT get started?

Thin Installer and Update Retriever are free downloads available from the Lenovo Support site.

  1. IT admins will populate their Update Retriever repository
  2. Thin Installer can simply be copied to target PCs
  3. Thin Installer is executed and pointed to the Update Retriever repository by command line
  4. Applicable updates are applied at IT’s behest
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What is the end-user experience?

When used with Update Retriever, Thin Installer gives IT complete control over the update experience. IT can manage updates to end-users' PCs without having a UI get in the way, or users can be informed with a minimalistic progress indicator.

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Streamline your update procedure
Thin Installer makes it easy to install updates with the smallest footprint possible.