Recycling Programs - Norway

Recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and batteries

It is important that we help to create a better environment. We do this in particular by submitting our electrical products and batteries when we will not use them anymore. It's fine to leave them, either at the recycling center or in electronic waste collection in the waste room near the home. Some stores also offer take-back of WEEE and in some places there are even mobile recycling stations.

Submitted products will be reused, treated or recycled. Remember that the entire product is submitted. If the product contains removable batteries, pick them out and put them in the battery collection. If they are built in, put the whole product in electrical waste.

See for more information about the recycling of electronic waste and batteries.

WEEE and batteries from private households (consumers)

Producer responsibility for electrical and electronic products has existed since 1999 in Norway. Elretur was formed 1999 and since then, on behalf of the business i.e. producers, taken care of waste electronics and since 2013 also batteries.

WEEE and batteries from other than private households (business)

Businesses can contact their local Lenovo representative or the local authorities for more information or, for further information on recycling.

For submission of WEEE, contact Lenovo or Elretur or use

Asset recovery solutions

Businesses can contact their local Lenovo representative for more information about Lenovo Asset Recovery Solutions (ARS).