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To find a DoC quickly:

  1. Click the appropriate gray product group button below
  2. Hit Ctrl-f on your keyboard to open your browser's search function
  3. Type the product name in the search field; your browser will immediately highlight all matches on the page

The European Union requires a Declaration of Conformity to the EU legislation, called Directives, for products that are placed on the market within the EU.

A typical ITE (Information Technology Equipment) EU DoC for products that do not contain wireless, includes compliance statements to the EMC Directive, Low Voltage Directive (Product Safety), ErP Directive (Energy Related Products/ErP) and the Restricted Substances Directive (RoHS). In the case of products that also contain wireless, the compliance statements for the EMC Directive and Low Voltage Directive (Product Safety) are replaced with the wireless statements for the R&TTE Directive which applies until June 12, 2017, or the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) after June 13, 2017.

The R&TTE Directive or Radio Equipment Directive compliance Information is located within the Regulatory Notices document, which can be found on the   Official Lenovo Support website.

(Note: To locate the Regulatory Notice, go to the Official Lenovo Support website. Next, enter your computer system name in the "Find Your Product" box and click your product name in the subsequent dropdown. Then, on the following page in the "Search" box, enter "regulatory notice" and hit Enter.)

Click on the buttons below to locate the system EU DoC, R&TTE Directive DoC, or Radio Equipment Directive DoC :

Click on the link button below to access the EU Wireless Module Declarations

Note: if you are unable to locate a DoC, you may request one from the Lenovo Regulatory Compliance Department. Please e-mail compliance@Lenovo.com and include the product machine type/model or option part number[1].

[1] For help finding the Product Machine Type or Option part number, go to:http://support.lenovo.com (see "Quick Path").

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