*For business leasing of $5000 or greater. US customers only.

Quality, Excellence
and Trustworthiness

Lenovo Financial Services reinforces Lenovo’s commitment to deliver pioneering products and services recognized for their quality, excellence, and trustworthiness.

Lenovo Financial Services offers financing solutions and services around the world that complement your technology solution.

*For businesses impacted by the recent hurricanes.

and Ease

Our simple processes and fast credit decisions make it easy for organizations of any size or type to deploy the solution they need today.

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Our in-depth knowledge of the products, services and various market segments, ranging from small business up to Fortune 500 corporations, including public sector, allows us to offer greater flexibility in structures, documentation and end of lease options.

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100% Solution Financing

Financing your entire solution including; hardware, software, and services, ensures more predictability in your project planning with fixed, manageable payments.

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24/7 Asset

Manage your financed solutions with electronic access to your lease documents, payment histories, invoices and asset information.

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For additional questions, please call 888-537-8838 to speak with a Lenovo Financial Services representative.

*For business leasing of $5000 or greater. US customers only.