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Available Soon

Why Legion Works as a Business PC

Our latest lineup of Legion gaming and work PCs feature an aesthetic that perfectly blends in at the office, but also contains the power to easily run today’s top PC games.

So don’t double up on your PC investment, save hundreds of dollars by purchasing one PC that works as hard as it plays.

And don’t forget you can save even more on Legion with a FREE LenovoPRO membership.

Learn More

Legion laptop shown floating

What do you look
for in a business PC?


Legion has it…plus gaming.

Protects your sensitive data

Any top business laptop starts with the top business OS. Windows 11 Pro is available in many Legion gaming laptop models. Windows 11 Pro offers the protection you need, along with an array of extra business management and deployment features.

Keeps you connected

Whether connecting with peers on LinkedIn, collaborating with your team on Slack or Microsoft Teams, or pitching to prospective clients via WebEx, Legion does collaboration even better with:

- Built-in HD webcams

- Amplified onboard sound

Supports collaboration

Team building is the foundation of collaboration, and bringing a bit of fun into the workplace can help. So relieve a bit of stress at the end of the day or celebrate a big win by going for another win against your coworkers in the latest PC games.

Never slows you down

Lenovo keyboards are renowned for their layout, durability, and comfort. We’ve taken the best design features from our immensely popular ThinkPad keyboards and adapted them for Legion – bringing you a keyboard that’s efficient at work and accurate at play.

Runs top business software

At work, you never want to be held back. The ability to multitask and make the most of every 9-5 moment is crucial. With Legion, you get even more power from:

- Dedicated graphics

- Faster memory

- Higher-capacity solid state drives

…and top design software

For design professionals running Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and others, you’ll find more than enough power to keep your creative juices flowing with:

- Beefier CPUs

- Dedicated GPUs

- Higher memory capacities

Looks to the future

Businesses are using VR in new and creative ways. If you want to inspect a new car design in full 3D, make training concepts stick a bit more profoundly, or even do some in-house gaming with your team, VR ready Legion PCs can handle it.

As if all that wasn’t enough…

Get extra savings on any Legion gaming and work laptop with a FREE LenovoPRO membership.

Legion tower shown with attached monitor, keyboard & mouse.

Your one stop shop for business benefits, savings, and support.

LenovoPRO has it all, and yep, that means gaming too.
Plus, enjoy these benefits as a member:

  • Extra savings on PCs and more
  • Free expedited delivery
  • Exclusive business financing

And don’t forget some of the other great benefits of being a Lenovo customer:

  • Get free shipping plus easy financing and returns on all orders
  • Engage with like minds in our business and gaming communities
  • Earn rewards for future purchases on everything you buy

Heard enough? The power to work and play is just a click away. Join LenovoPRO and shop Legion today.

Learn More
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Featured Products

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Legion Gaming and Work Laptops and Desktops

Good gaming and work laptops and desktops are plentiful in today's landscape. After all, pretty much any gaming PC is going to be able to handle day-to-day office tasks easily. But very often, buyers are left with a forced choice between a flashy, “all in” gaming laptop or a traditional business laptop, but one that will need to be upgraded (at great cost) with immensely more powerful components than a thin and light work laptop usually contains.

No matter which direction you go, if you're looking for a true business gaming laptop forced to choose between these two paths isn't ideal. You want a subtle, professional style when it's time to crunch numbers at the office. But you also need the worry-free power to dominate the digital battlefield when it's game time. Plus, long battery life to keep you going wherever you go.

Traditionally gaming laptops and desktops glows almost everywhere with broadly placed RGB lighting inside and out, chassis with sharp, exaggerated features, and non-traditional laptop frame colors.

Traditional work laptops and desktops are often a bit more reserved with their style but also don't typically have the cutting-edge components packed in to ensure you'll have smooth game performance and high-res visuals when you're playing today's latest games.

You need a powerful device for both work and play, along with the style that comes from a professional laptop that demands respect in the boardroom. Legion makes a gaming computer that can do just that.

You need Legion Laptops

Legion makes some of the best gaming laptops bringing the power needed for extreme gaming sessions that can last hours and hours. Featuring top-of-the-line Intel Core i7 processors or AMD Ryzen, the latest and greatest graphics card options from NVIDIA and AMD, and Full HD and above display options for crisp and smooth visuals, Legion leaves nothing behind in its quest to fuel your gameplay.

But for those 9-5 hours, Legion has the ideal aesthetic for the office too. With smooth lines and neutral greys, Legion blends perfectly in the professional world. Non-gamers probably won't even blink when they see it. But hidden features like adjustable RGB lighting around the frame and on the spacious Legion keyboards mean you can showcase your Legion as a full-on gaming rig when, and only when, you want.

Lenovo Legion is our top-of-the-line high-powered gaming laptop brand, and if you're a regular gamer, we heartily suggest adding some Legion gaming power to your life. But for more casual gamers, we didn't forget you! Our IdeaPad Gaming budget laptops are a bit more affordable while still touting a professional design and discrete graphics power for the games you play.

Lenovo Gaming Desktops: Unbeatable Performance and Customizability

If you're a serious gamer looking for a powerful and reliable gaming desktop computer, then no look further. Our gaming desktop are designed to deliver unbeatable performance, stunning visuals, and endless customizability options for gamers of all levels.

  • Powerful processors

    When it comes to performance our desktops are second to none. These machines are powered by the most advanced processors including Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors. You can expect lightning-fast speeds and smooth gameplay even when running demanding games or applications.

  • High-Quality Graphics Cards

    Our gaming desktop computer features high-quality graphics cards that deliver stunning visuals and immersive gaming experiences. Whether you're playing fast-paced action games or exploring vast open worlds, you'll be able to see every detail in stunning clarity.

  • Endless Customizability Options

    You can choose from a wide range of designs and configurations to create a computer that's perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences. From sleek minimalist designs to bold RGB lighting setups - there's something for everyone.

  • User-Friendly Features

    Our gaming desktops are incredibly user-friendly with Windows 10 Home pre-installed which makes it easy to get started right out of the box. Plus, with plenty of USB ports, HDMI ports, and other connectivity options- you can easily connect all your favorite peripherals.

  • Exceptional Customer Support

    We offer exceptional customer support. If you ever have any issues with your gaming desktop or need assistance setting it up or optimizing, you can rely on our expertise to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Choose the Right Model for You

Lenovo has a range of gaming desktops catering to different types of gamers. Whether you're looking for top-of-the-line performance or a more budget-friendly option - there's something for everyone in their lineup. Depending on your budget and specific needs as a gamer- you can choose from various options that will deliver the performance you need to take your gaming experience to new heights.

  Here are some popular gaming desktop series:

  • Legion Tower Series

    The Legion desktops series is our flagship gaming desktop lineup, designed for serious gamers who demand top-of-the-line performance. These towers come equipped with powerful processors like Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 9, high-quality graphics cards, ample storage space, and customizable RGB lighting. Legion desktops also feature advanced cooling systems.

  • IdeaCentre Gaming Series

    The IdeaCentre Gaming series is our mid-range gaming desktop lineup, ideal for gamers who want solid performance without breaking the bank. Like Legion gaming desktops they also come packed with powerful processors, high performance graphics cards, large storage space, efficient cooling systems and customizable RGB lighting.

  • ThinkCentre M Series Tiny Desktops

    The ThinkCentre M Series tiny desktops are compact yet powerful gaming desktop lineup. These tiny desktops pack a punch despite their small size and come equipped with powerful processors, high-quality graphics cards, ample storage space, and customizable RGB lighting.

  • Yoga AIO Series

    The Yoga AIO series is Lenovo's all-in-one (AIO) gaming desktop lineup designed for gamers who want a sleek and stylish device without compromising on performance. These desktops come loaded with powerful processors, high-performance graphics cards, plenty of storage space, efficient cooling systems, and customizable RGB lighting. They offer ample storage space with upgradable options available along with integrated speakers and webcams making them perfect for streaming your games online.

Gaming and Work Laptops

Gone are the days when you'd have to use separate laptops or PCs for gaming and working. Today, you can get dual functionality in a gaming laptop. Use your laptop for work or study in the morning and use the same machine for gaming in your free time. It's a delight, isn't it? Gaming laptops have evolved into powerhouse machines that bring the best experience to not only laptop gaming but to studying and working in an office.

What to Look for In a Workstation Laptop

What should your workstation laptop have? Should it be light or heavy? How long should the battery life be? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you buy a laptop for work and gaming. Questions like “What is the best laptop for gaming?” and “are there affordable gaming laptops that can do everything?” Let's take a look at some features the best workstation laptop must have:

Long Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor to consider when you're purchasing a laptop for work. No one wants to be stuck in the middle of an important project with a dead battery.

Look for a laptop that offers at least six hours of battery life on a full charge. A long battery life means that you'll also be able to use your laptop for playing games after you're off work.

Processing Power

You also want to make sure your laptop has plenty of processing power. This is especially important if you'll be using your laptop for tasks such as video editing or 3D rendering.

Choose a laptop with a powerful processor and plenty of RAM. You don't want to be slowed down by your machine while trying to get work done. A powerful processor will also allow you to play high-end and demanding games in your free time. Here are your three options:

  • Low-end CPUs:These CPUs are best for people who only want to use their laptops for web browsing and basic tasks.

  • Midrange CPUs:These CPUs are present in hybrid and lightweight laptops. They work well for moderate work-related tasks and studying.

  • High-end CPUs:High-end CPUs with Intel Core i3 and i5 are ideal for people whowant to do heavy-duty tasks on their laptops.


While CPUs are important, GPUs are also something to look for when choosing a workstation laptop. A good GPU will let you play high-end games without any problems.

It will also help with graphics-intensive tasks such as video editing and 3D rendering. If you're looking for the best laptop for graphic work, it should have a considerable GPU to offer.


Unless you want to carry a portable SSD or an external flash drive, it's best to buy a laptop that has ample storage for your needs. If you only need to store photos and text files, a laptop with 1TB of storage should be sufficient.

But if you want to use the same laptop for gaming and need to store heavy games, make sure the laptop has at least 2TB of storage. The best laptop for graphic work should also have sufficient storage since media and design files take up a lot of space.

Screen Size and Resolution

When it comes to choosing a workstation laptop, you also need to consider the size and resolution of the screen. Choose a laptop with a screen that's big enough for you to work on comfortably.

A resolution of at least 1920x1080 is ideal. This will give you plenty of screen space and make it easy to work on multiple applications at the same time. All in all, the best workstation laptop should have a reasonable CPU, GPU, screen size, resolution, and battery life.


The weight of your laptop becomes a consideration if you travel for work. The best laptop for work travel should be lightweight so that you can carry it around easily.

Ideally, the best laptop for work travel should weigh 2.65 lbs. to 3 lbs. Note that if you need a laptop with longer battery life and higher storage, these features may make a laptop heavier.

Can Gaming Laptops Be Used for Work?

Good laptops for gaming can also be used for work, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, make sure that your laptop has a powerful CPU and GPU. This is essential if you want to do any heavy-duty tasks on your machine.

Secondly, the laptop should have a big screen. A 17-inch screen is ideal for work, and it will also be perfect for an immersive gaming experience. Often, while working, you need to open multiple windows at once. A larger screen will accommodate this need.

Thirdly, a high screen resolution is also an important feature to look for in a laptop. A resolution of 1920x1080 or higher is best for both gaming and work.

Finally, it's mega helpful if the laptop has long battery life. If you work at a workstation, you'll most likely be close to a switch at all times. But if you occasionally travel for work, you need to make sure the laptop lasts for at least six hours on a single charge.

Windows 11 Pro Laptop & Desktops

If you're looking for a high-performance laptop or desktop that can keep up with your demanding workload, then Lenovo's Windows 11 Pro laptops and desktops are worth considering. These devices are equipped with the latest specifications to ensure top-notch performance and productivity. Lenovo Windows 11 Pro laptops and desktops are packed with advanced features that make them perfect for both work and play.

Here are some key features to look out for:

  • Enhanced User Interface: With Windows 11 Pro, you can enjoy a revamped and intuitive user interface that provides a better user experience than ever before.

  • Powerful Hardware: Lenovo laptops and desktops with Windows 11 Pro are equipped with high-performance hardware that can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. You can expect speedy processors, generous amounts of RAM, and ample storage options.

  • Stunning Displays: They feature stunning displays that deliver rich colors and sharp details. Whether you're watching movies, working on documents, or playing games, you'll appreciate the high-quality visuals.

  • Improved Security: Windows 11 Pro offers improved security features such as Windows Hello biometric authentication and BitLocker encryption. With Lenovo's devices, you can rest assured that your data is protected from unauthorized access.

  • Seamless Connectivity:Our Windows 11 Pro laptops and desktops come with a wide range of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB-C. This ensures that you can stay connected with your devices and peripherals wherever you go.

  • High-quality Audio:Lenovo's Windows 11 Pro laptops and desktops are equipped with high-quality audio components that deliver an immersive audio experience. You'll be able to enjoy music, movies, and games with crystal-clear sound.

Whether you're a business professional who needs a reliable machine for work or a creative individual who demands power and versatility, Lenovo has got you covered. With seamless integration with Windows 11 Pro, you can enjoy maximum efficiency and get more done in less time. Additionally with Windows 11 Pro laptop deals available, you can enjoy the best technology at amazing prices.

Why Should You Buy a Work Plus Gaming Laptop?

The most obvious reason to find both functionalities in the same laptop is to save cost. Otherwise, you'd have to buy two separate laptops to work and play.

In this way, you can save a lot of money and spend it on other things, such as a gaming headset or stereo speakers, for a better gaming experience. But there are other reasons as well:

  • Same Accessories:First, you won't have to buy separate accessories for your gaming or work laptop. A gaming mouse will work just as well during work since these mice tend to be more responsive and ergonomic.

  • Portability:You can easily take your gaming laptop to work too. Let's say you have some free time during work. Why not play a quick game to give your mind a break?

  • Dual Features:With Lenovo Legion, you don't have to compromise on any functionality - for gaming or work. It has all you need to enjoy games and excel at work.

  • Next-Level Functionality:Windows 11 Pro offers improved security features such as Windows Hello biometric authentication and BitLocker encryption. With Lenovo's devices, you can rest assured that your data is protected from unauthorized access.

Today, you can find good cheap gaming laptops that also offer work functionality. A good example is the Lenovo Legion. It's a great laptop for work and plays at an affordable price.


From gaming to conference calls, the sound you hear is important along with the quality of the sound you produce. With the right sound you will be able to hear everything going on in the game and deliver a killer presentation in your next conference call. Lenovo provides the top-rated wireless gaming headsets for a smooth gaming experience. Our wireless gaming headsets are designed to maximize the efficiency of sound input and output during your games, giving you everything you need to become a pro gamer.

Our top gaming headsets come with an integrated microphone with the best sound input settings. From noise cancellation features to a soft and comfortable design, there's nothing our top gaming headsets don't offer!

Lenovo Trade In Program

To go along with all the other discounts another way to save money and help the planet while you are at it is to trade your electronics in to the Lenovo Trade In Program. There are some qualifications that the electronics have to meet to qualify. If you are considering upgrading your set up with a new Legion machine you can trade in the old one and once it has been determined to meet the qualification you will receive a VISA gift card that you can use anywhere! Since you are upgrading you can use the VISA gift card to reduce the price of the machine, or the components and this VISA can be paired with any discounts on the site and make your upgrades a less expensive choice.


Gaming laptops that double as workstations can get expensive, with the amount of quality parts in the body they can easily run into the thousands of dollars. You can get a top-of-the-line gaming PC and still save some money by going to the gaming deals page. You will find top of the line gaming PCs on a discount there that can be paired with discounts that come from the My Lenovo Rewards Program and the Lenovo Trade in program.

My Lenovo Rewards Program

When you are making purchases for your gaming set up or to spruce up your office area and your legion accessories and laptops, if you are a member of the My Lenovo Rewards Program you can earn points on every single one of those purchases. Once you have earned enough points you can turn around and use them to get a great discount on the pieces you want to upgrade your set up or accessories you need to take your gaming set up to the next level like gaming mice, keyboards, or mouse pads.

Additional resources:

Legion Gaming Community
Gaming PC Deals
Build Your Own Gaming PC
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Gaming Computer Financing
Legion Ultimate Support
Gaming FAQs
MyLenovo Rewards

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