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Transform 2.0 Recap

Lenovo leads in helping customers drive their businesses through Intelligent Transformation—and Lenovo Transform is our annual innovation showcase. Invitees to the 2018 Transform 2.0 event in New York were the first to hear our biggest enterprise news of the year—and enjoyed immersive experiences with our latest products, services, and solutions. What’s more, expert-led breakout sessions and panels shed new light on the industry's most important topics, including AI, 5G and the cloud.

Lenovo Transform 2.0 was a high-energy collaborative experience for customers, partners, influencers, and tech industry experts from around the world—more than double the number of last year's participants.

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New solution announcements, immersive sessions, and one-on-one demos with industry experts stimulated new ways of thinking—including new strategies for unlocking the potential of transformative innovation in cloud, artificial intelligence, internet of things, AR/VR, 5G, and smart office.









What We Achieved

Transform 2.0 attendees enjoyed the opportunity to:

  • Be the first to learn about the new Lenovo and NetApp announcement—a global multi-faceted, partnership to bring innovative technology and a simplified experience to help customers modernize IT and accelerate their digital transformation.
  • Experience the power of AI from workstation to datacenter to achieve new results and solve humanity's greatest challenges.
  • Discover how emerging technologies like IOT and AR/VR can improve business efficiency and improve the customer experience.
  • Engage with industry experts on how to leverage infrastructure for the IOT edge.
  • Learn from Lenovo customers and partners about what's next in Security, Services, Smart Office and beyond.

Yuanqing Yang, CEO Headshot
Yuanqing Yang
Kirk Skaugen, GM, Data Center Group Headshot
Kirk Skaugen
Executive Vice President, Lenovo and President, Data Center Group

Driving Intelligent Transformation Across the Data Center

Christian Teismann, GM, PCSD Commercial Headshot
Christian Teismann
Senior Vice President & GM, Commercial Business Segment PCSD

Solutions to Enable Smarter Business

Tailoring Your Cloud Strategy to Deliver Business Agility
Peter Hortensius – SVP, CTO & Chief of Strategy, Lenovo Data Center Group
Julian Box – Founder & CEO, Calligo Adrian Paulse – Director of Information Technology, Alamos Gold Joseph Funaro – CEO, Imvirtus

Is your goal to improve customer experiences by aligning IT delivery and operations to your business objectives? Responding faster to business needs is consistently a top goal for IT organizations and this session shares how turnkey composable cloud platforms, hybrid clouds for workload mobility, as well as hyperconverged building blocks can help achieve your objectives. Join peer IT leaders to understand how Lenovo’s portfolio provides solutions tailored to your requirements and integrates easily into existing operations.

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Kamran Amini – VP & GM, Data Center Infrastructure, Lenovo Data Center Group

The ability to make business decisions quickly and accurately is paramount to your business’s competitive success. The challenge is in delivering accelerated decision making while improving end-to-end operating costs. In this session, gain insights to accelerate your business transformation and differentiate your IT, leveraging the benefits of cloud. Learn how you can implement the next generation of all flash infrastructure to accelerate response time, expand data access, lower CAPEX, and seamlessly integrate into leading cloud solutions.

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Madhu Matta – VP & GM, High Performance Computing & AI, Lenovo Data Center Group
Dr. Daniel Gruner – Chief Technical Officer, SciNet High Performance Computing

Our mission to help solve humanity’s greatest challenges is the driving force behind innovative HPC and AI solutions that we collaborate with customers on. In this session, hear firsthand how SciNet, Canada’s largest supercomputing center, enables groundbreaking research on climate change through ocean modeling with the Lenovo ThinkSystem HPC solutions. Then learn how customers across industries get started on an AI strategy and how our AI Innovation Centers enable university research collaborations, enterprise PoCs and partnership engagements to tackle real world problems. Envision your AI future and get answers to your questions.

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Paul Ju – VP & GM, Hyperscale, Lenovo Data Center Group
Melissa Massa – Executive Director, Hyperscale, Lenovo Data Center Group

Come join Lenovo’s Hyperscale leadership team as we discuss transformations to AI and focus on what is next in large-scale cloud requirements. As AI ushers in the new wave of IT, cloud providers are investing in platforms that can carry this tremendous workload seamlessly. Exponential growth in the use of big data, advanced analytics, and machine learning will require superior computing power and storage, as AI and IoT workloads alone expect to drive 10-15% growth in the Hyperscale market in the next year. In this session, we will look ahead to how you can scale up to meet the increasing compute, memory, storage, and networking resource demands of the future.

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Hector Guevarez – Sr. Manager, Workstation Portfolio

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a technology trend; it is a business requirement. However, implementing an AI solution can be extremely challenging. Lenovo workstations let you “get it right”, then scale the solution to meet your objectives.

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Laura Laltrello – VP & GM, Services, Lenovo Data Center Group
Robert Bernard – Executive Director, Supply Chain, Lenovo Data Center Group

DevOps has profoundly changed IT culture transforming the way organizations create, test, deploy, monitor and update software to enable faster delivery of new features, lower failure rates and more stable operating environments. Combining DevOps practices with Blockchain’s ability to deliver transaction transparency and security reduces development times by increasing the visibility of new feature delivery to improve software quality and reliability. If you have been considering how to move to a DevOps environment for your IT software releases or just want to know more about Blockchain, attend this session to learn how Lenovo implemented a DevOps strategy and began deploying Blockchain.

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Don Price – ED, WW Device as a Service

From enhancement to optimization, organizations are looking to improve end-user experience, achieve positive service outcomes, and control costs to do so. As a result, the market is moving toward an ‘as a service’ delivery model that provides plug in, scalable, consumption-based business services that deliver business outcomes. Lenovo DaaS empowers them to achieve this goal.

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Rebecca Achariyakosol – ED, WW Customer Engagement & PC Services Business Development
Matt Kohut – Director, Services Business Development

The modern IT department struggles with many challenges—from providing their end users with the best possible experience to transforming their infrastructure to keep pace with today’s modern technologies. Lenovo has the right combination of Services to meet these ever evolving and complex needs.

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Vertical Solutions
Patrick Moorhead – President and Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy
Charles Ferland – Lenovo VP & GM, Telco, Lenovo Data Center Group Victor Rios – VP Commercial Operations and Strategy, Lenovo Intelligent Device Group

Join Patrick Moorhead, Founder, President & Principal Analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy, for a discussion into what leaders across industries should be planning for in their business and IT strategies to capitalize on 5G. Our discussion will include how 5G will enable improved customer experiences, and how to increase the speed in leveraging data for a competitive edge. Lenovo’s 5G and Telco business leaders will share how innovative technology, including Lenovo ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions, ThinkCentre Tiny desktops and Motorola Z3 smartphones, are combining customer collaboration, enhanced open source development, software partnerships with highly skilled expertise to help customers get ready to achieve the highest performance at the optimal cost.

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Wilfredo Sotolongo – VP & GM, IoT, Lenovo Data Center Group
Rafael Padilla – Independent Consultant to City Governments and City of Bogota, Colombia Jeff Miller – Director of IT, Jerry's Enterprises

Learn how edge sites from retail stores to entire cities are leveraging next-generation edge infrastructure solutions to speed deployment, lower operating costs, centralize management, increase reliability, and enable IOT and legacy workloads across common infrastructure. A panel discussion will include peer case studies including how the city of Bogotá implemented a video surveillance solution that increases the safety and security of their citizens and better monitor and react to emergencies faster. Jerry's Enterprises with discuss how leveraging IOT helps improve their system reliability and adapt IT resources on the fly to meet the needs of their business.

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Craig Arold – Director Strategy, Transformation & Customer Solutions
Rich Henderson – Director Global Education & Retail Solutions

Lenovo’s Customer Solutions team is driving innovative Device+ implementations in Health, Retail, and Education verticals. Join as Craig Arold introduces Lenovo's customer driven solutions process and Rich Henderson showcases the VR Classroom.

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JK Sharma – IOT Business Leader, PCSD

Sharing Lenovo’s IOT aspirations to be a partner and trusted advisor, not just a hardware supplier. The session will describe a supply chain automation IOT use case, discuss AI and Machine Learning in process automation and improvement, and touch on Block Chain as security.

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Client Solutions
Sal Patalano – CRO, Lenovo Software

With the exponential growth of SaaS products in the market, businesses are losing control of their software usage and spend. Lenovo Software CRO, Sal Patalano, will show an exclusive preview of Lenovo AirStack – a new software solution that helps IT and executives identify, manage, and optimize their tech stacks. After the presentation a panel of senior technology executives will share tech stack management best practices and why they are so critical to business success.

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Tom Butler – ED, Commercial Core Portfolio & Product Management

Keeping your business secure is at the core of everything we do. At Lenovo, security begins in the component supply chain, to the systems, and protects you for the entire life of your device—even through to secure recycling. This is customized security for the modern enterprise.

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Mark Krynock – Smart Office Strategist

Collaboration and flexibility are key attributes employees seek at work. Lenovo is focused on improving those experiences for the evolving workspace. With ThinkSmart, we’re providing targeted solutions to help transform collaboration in and out of the office.

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Cornucopia Majesty Riverboat
Cornucopia Majesty

Lenovo is excited to offer a truly New York City experience at Transform 2.0.

As a capstone to the day’s activities, join us for a cruise along the New York City Harbor aboard our private yacht. Take in the sights of the East River and Hudson River, enjoying all that New York has to offer including sunset views of the New York City skyline, Statue of Liberty, and the New York City metropolitan area. Dinner, drinks and a uniquely Lenovo experience await.

Ticket is included in your registration.


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