IBM TS3200 Tape Library

IBM TS3200 Tape Library

IBM TS3200 Tape Library

Standalone Tape Automation Solution.

  • 4U tape library supporting latest gen of LTO technology
  • Outstanding capacity, performance, & reliability for cost-effective backup, restore, & archive for midrange storage environments
  • Remote library managment through web-based interface
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Sorry, this product is no longer available

Unfortunately the "IBM TS3200 Tape Library" is no longer available, may we suggest:

    Standalone Tape Automation Solution.

  • Features



    • Support the latest Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology with up to two LTO Ultrium 7 full-height tape drives or up to four LTO Ultrium 7 half-height tape drives, as well as LTO Ultrium generation 6, 5 and 4 tape drives using a 4U form factor
    • Gain outstanding capacity, performance and reliability for a cost-effective backup, restore and archive for midrange storage environments
    • Manage library remotely through a standard web interface with flexibility and greater administrative control of storage operations


    The IBM® TS3200 Tape Library leverages the latest generation of LTO technology to help handle growing storage requirements.

    The TS3200—and its storage management applications—is designed to address capacity, performance, data protection, reliability, affordability and application requirements. The TS3200 is an excellent solution for large-capacity or high-performance tape backup with or without random access, and an excellent choice for tape automation for Lenovo servers and other open systems.

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  • Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Available Models
    TS3200 Tape Library 6173 L4U
    Drive Options
    LTO7: FH Fibre - ATP0/00WF765, HH SAS - ATP1/00WF767, HH Fibre - ATP2/00WF769; LTO6: FH Fibre - AS1Y/00NA115, HH SAS - AS1Z/00NA117, HH Fibre - AS21/00NA119; LTO5: FH Fibre - AS1S/00NA107, FH SAS - AS1T/00NA109, HH SAS - AS1U/00NA111, HH Fibre - AS1W/00NA113; LTO4: FH Fibre -AS1M/00NA101, FH SAS - AS1N/00NA121, HH SAS - AS1Q/00NA105, HH Fibre - AS1P/00NA103
    Path Failover
    AS04R /00NA069
    Transparent LTO Encryption
    Rack Mount
    AS04R /00NA069
    Additional Magazines
    Right-side: AS1F/00NA091, Left-side upper: AS1G/00NA093, Left-side lower: AS1H/00NA095
    LTO Ultrium Tape Cartridges
    LTO7: ATNZ/00WF771, LTO6: AS24/00NA025, LTO5: AS23/00NA023, LTO4: AS22/00NA021
    LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge
    AS1E /00NA017
    Additional Power Supply
    AS0W /00NA071
    Number of Drives / Cartridges
    1 – 4 / 48
    Number of Mail Slots
    Physical Capacity
    (compressed* / native)
    *2.5:1 for LTO7/6, 2:1 for LTO5/4
    Cartridge capacity – LTO7: 15TB/6TB, LTO6: 6.25TB/2.5TB, LTO5: 3TB/1.5TB, LTO4: 1.6TB/800GB
    Library capacity – LTO7: 720TB/288TB, LTO6: 300TB/120TB, LTO5: 144TB/72TB, LTO4: 76.8TB/38.4TB
    Data Transfer Rate
    LTO7: up to 300MBps, LTO6: up to 160MBps, LTO5: up to 140MBps, LTO4: up to 120MBps
    17.6in. (447.5mm) x 7.29in. (185.2mm) x 31.9in. (810mm)
    Rack Mount
    17.6in. (447.5mm) x 6.89in. (175.2mm) x 29.13in. (740mm)
    47lbs (21.3kg) without rack mount
    Attachment Support
    8Gbps Fibre Channel (4Gbps LTO4 full-height), 6Gbps SAS interfaces (3Gbps LTO4 full-height)
    Operating Systems Support
    Native device-driver support is available for selected Lenovo servers and other Linux and Microsoft Windows open-system servers
    Three-year, customer-replaceable unit service in most countries

    Specifications may vary depending upon region.

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