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Lenovo AMD gaming rigs

At Lenovo, design, performance and quality are our number one goals. And considering that in no other category are laptops and computers examined as closely by potential buyers as in gaming, that’s a good thing for us.

As our Lenovo Legion brand of menacingly-powerful gaming laptops and gaming desktops increasingly find their way into the welcoming arms of gamers ranging from casual players to intense esports competitors, we’re proud to partner with AMD to bring their exclusive brand of power and performance to Legion and other Lenovo gaming PCs.

AMD Ryzen™ processors and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards are immensely popular and trusted components in today’s gaming landscape. For those who prefer to build their own devices or for those who prefer to let a trusted computer manufacturer do the building for them, AMD processors and graphics are increasingly sought after for their stability, reliability and power. Want to know more about AMD’s latest family of CPUs? Read our FAQ that covers “What is AMD Ryzen?

AMD Ryzen CPUs, in particular, are featured in a wide array of Lenovo gaming laptops and desktops that we’ve designed to efficiently support, protect and radiate the power of AMD processing throughout your gameplay sessions and day-to-day computing. Want to know more about choosing the right gaming processor? Read our FAQ covering the best processors for gaming.

Likewise, you may also find select models of Lenovo gaming PCs that come prebuilt with AMD Radeon graphics cards. AMD’s latest line of Radeon GPUs continue to scale to and even push beyond the needs of the most demanding PC games of the day – something the long-running Radeon brand has done consistently, each year, for decades. Want to know more about gaming graphics cards? Read our FAQ covering how to choose the best gaming graphics card.

At Lenovo, we also continue to push ahead year-by-year with design concepts that continually seek to find new ways to complement the evolving needs of PC gamers everywhere, while also efficiently and fully unleashing the power of the top-performing AMD CPUs and GPUs contained within them. Consider our Coldfront technology for example, found in many Lenovo Legion gaming laptops, that dissipates heat via a thermal mechanism of dozens of liquid crystal polymer-coated fan blades and copper heat pipes. And combined with manually-controlled modes, you get to determine on the fly when you want a more quiet experience for everyday computing, or when you want to ramp up the performance for max performance in-game.

With design and power combining in one Lenovo AMD gaming PC, you can keep your focus on the action and off any performance worries.

The benefits of an AMD gaming laptop

Now that you’ve read all about Lenovo’s AMD offerings, it’s time to decide if you want the mobility of an AMD Ryzen gaming laptop, or a more stationary offering in an AMD gaming desktop.

Some gaming laptop manufacturers will have you believe that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, or that you can’t have a gaming laptop that’s customizable, more upgradeable, or one that can be as powerful as a gaming desktop when outfitted correctly.

At Lenovo, we’re here to tell you they’re wrong.

Some of the best AMD gaming laptop models at Lenovo offer immense power and features in the form of available AMD Ryzen 7 processors, 16GB of DDR4 3200MHz memory, and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ discrete graphics. What game won’t run at optimal levels on all that? Few if none, that’s for sure. Plus you’ll easily see what all that power can do on a vibrant full HD, 1920 x 1080, 1080p display with high refresh rate.

What’s more, while our competitors tend to solder on nearly every component, forcing you to upgrade your entire gaming laptop every few years, we leave more of these critical components interchangeable so that your Lenovo gaming laptop withstands the test of time.

Plus, they’re great for work too, with Windows 10 Pro and all of the rich business features that come with it available on select models. And with a unique design featuring a more subtle aesthetic, the Legion range of gaming/work laptops isn’t as over-the-top as some of our competitors’ offerings.

Legion laptops combine a refined style with raw power underneath, meaning you’ll be as comfortable and capable in the boardroom as you would your gaming station at home. But not to worry, as customizable RGB lighting is available, yet more in your control. You can trigger an array of colors on both the keyboard and laptop frame on many models when and where you choose.

There are simply a ton of advantages to choosing Lenovo for your AMD gaming laptop needs. Like higher than standard battery life perfect for those long days crossing campus from one classroom to the next. Did we mention that they’re great for school as well? Why not have a single device that’s as powerful enough for high tech major needs as it is for the favorite games you play?

Ready to get started? You can customize one of our Legion 5 AMD gaming laptops to your own preferred specifications or search for a ready-to-ship model that may be on the road to your door in as little as a single business day. Whichever way you go, Lenovo has your laptop gaming needs covered.

The benefits of an AMD gaming desktop

Much like our gaming laptop offerings, at Lenovo you can select an AMD prebuilt gaming PC to your liking or customize one to your specific preferences.

You always get more control with Lenovo. And while we’re on that note, let’s talk about how Legion gaming desktops give you more control.

Our assortment of AMD Ryzen gaming PC models do have their benefits as compared to gaming laptops. Gaming desktop towers are simply larger, and thus will always be more customizable and upgradeable than a traditional gaming laptop. This additional space allows for more cooling, more storage capacity, more memory, and especially more dynamic customization – the likes of which dedicated gamers strive for.

A Legion AMD gaming computer tower features glass displays and robust lighting effects that shine inside and out. So unlike the more reserved style of our gaming laptops, Legion desktops go all-in with style and effects that are going to go great with your epic game room.

It really comes down to personal preference. Do you want a do-all gaming laptop for home or go? Or do you hope to join the elite esport competitors and streamers of the day by building a PC gaming setup around an ultra-powerful Legion desktop.

So choose wisely, but rest assured that no matter your path forward, a Lenovo AMD gaming PC won’t let you down.

Want more help choosing between a gaming laptop and a gaming desktop? Read our FAQ covers the advantages of each even further.

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