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Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Series

ThinkAgile MX Series

Making Azure Stack HCI solutions affordable and easy

ThinkAgile MX Integrated Systems and Certified Nodes enable customers to modernize their on-premises infrastructure easily, with pre-tested, pre-configured, and easily orderable configurations.

ThinkAgile MX Series

Accelerate your business with modern innovation and value

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX is a fully-engineered, jointly validated, and integrated solution that can extend any Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure from hybrid multi-cloud environments to the data center and at the Edge. Not only that, but it also offers the flexibility to help you quickly build, and operate applications and services from Edge to Cloud.

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Solutions with Azure Stack HCI

ThinkAgile MX Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Pre-install with the new Azure Stack HCI OS and ThinkAgile Advantage support with one single point of contact for hardware support and software end-to-end case management.

  • XClarity and WAC plugin support for ease of management
  • Single part number to order
  • Seamless integration into Azure service
ThinkAgile MX Certified Node

Certified Nodes

In traditional IT, a solution is designed, tested, implemented, and maintained, requiring significant time and energy. Microsoft’s Azure Stack HCI OS addresses these challenges head-on, with deployment and update features added to Windows Admin Center and enhancements to their HCI stack. Lenovo has designed, tested, and validated ThinkAgile MX Series to provide the Azure Stack HCI solutions you need.

ThinkAgile MX Validated Node

Validated Nodes

We’ve expanded our Azure Stack HCI configuration options to include AMD EPYC 2nd and 3rd generation processors. The high-density, high-performance CPUs allow you to handle challenging workloads within a small infrastructure footprint, whether you are running resource intensive workloads with high performance storage needs or running lightweight applications at the edge.

ThinkAgile MX Edge

Edge Solutions

With the explosion of data storage needs, organizations have adopted hyperconverged infrastructure as their de-facto option of choice. Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Appliances (Integrated Systems) and Certified Nodes (Validated Nodes) are HCI building blocks built on top of Lenovo certified hardware and Azure Stack HCI software.

Why Lenovo

Integrated, seamless operations

Deploy faster and simplify management through Windows Admin Center with Lenovo XClarity. Seamlessly integrate with Azure Services for hybrid cloud capabilities. Get faster set-up with pre-loaded Azure Stack HCI OS.

Proven, optimized performance

Reduce downtime with industry-leading x86 server reliability (ITIC). Increase availability with best uptime among all x86 platforms (ITIC). Improve support with certified hardware, software and components.

Unparalleled experience

Simplify hybrid cloud complexities with proven Lenovo expertise. Get flexible service and financial models with TruScale to best fit your business. Rely on exceptional data protection and security with Lenovo ThinkShield.

Use cases

High-performance Microsoft SQL Server

AzS HCI offers a high-performing, scalable, and manageable implementation for Microsoft SQL Server. Running SQL Server in an AzS HCI cluster allows you to run SQL Server and its associated applications with the added resiliency of virtualization.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

HCI provides a reliable platform for VDI. An advantage of a VDI workload is that its demands for resources are typically proportional to the number of users requiring desktop virtualization, and through HCI you can scale resources easily and predictably to meet those needs.

Reach the Edge with Azure Stack HCI

For offices with minimal IT staff, Azure IoT Edge can be used to ease the deployment of containerized applications to an AzS HCI cluster with the help of an administrator working anywhere in the world. The minimal hardware requirements and cost-reducing features in two-node deployments for AzS HCI make it an affordable solution for small businesses.

Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI

Secured-core servers maximize hardware, firmware, and OS capabilities to help protect against current and future threats. Provides unparalleled levels of host security enabled with TPM2.0, Secure boot, virtualization-based security (VBS), boot DMA guard, and DRTM protection.

Microsoft sizing tool

Azure Stack HCI runs your choice of hardware, including new Integrated Systems and validated nodes. Eliminate the guesswork and visualize utilization with smart sizing tools.*

* Needs Microsoft account.

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